Covil: I stand with Governor, Lt. Governor On CLT Ordinance – #nc20 #ncpol

Tammy Covil, who is the True Conservative running in NC-20, dropped the following press release yesterday regarding the Charlotte City Council passing a transgender bathroom ordinance:


Wilmington, NC – In response to Charlotte City Council’s adoption of an ordinance that would allow men to use a women’s restroom on the basis of gender identification, Tammy Covil announced her support for proposed legislation that would block the city’s new policy. 

“Last year, I warned of the slippery slope laws like these create and stood against policies that seek to divide us into politically correct groups, rather than unite us based on our commonalities. It appears that my warnings have come to fruition as Charlotte has now passed an ordinance that is not only impossible to regulate, it has the potential to place women and young children in harms way. As a wife, mother, and family advocate, I stand with Governor McCrory, Lieutenant Governor Forest and Speaker Moore in taking legislative action to reverse this misguided policy. North Carolina must do what is necessary to protect children from a municipality that has ignored the will of its people.” 


Tammy Covil is a candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, District 20. She and her husband, Tommy, have been married for 24 years. They are the proud parents of four children. She was elected to the New Hanover County Board of Education in 2012. In addition, she was appointed by the North Carolina House in 2014 to serve on the Academic Standards Review Commission, also known as the Common Core Committee. She co-chaired the commission, which was tasked with reviewing and making recommendations for changes to the state’s academic standards. 

Holly Grange is Covil’s opponent. She has produced no such statement that I can find.

By the way, Covil’s opponent seems to be acting like she’s new to political races, given the whining she did about Covil going on offense — which was a rather brilliant move.

Hi, silly Holly — next time buy the domain name and don’t get caught up in an international scandal involving Sydney Blumenthal?

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  1. Kathy says:

    Wonderful, Tammy! That’s how we all feel, well, all but a handful of creepy guys who want access to the Ladies Room. And their non thinking supporters.


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