ICYMI – What Matters for Thursday, January 7, 2016 – #NCpol #NCed

ICYMI – I was on the Freedom Action Network radio’s What Matters show yesterday with Chad Adams.  You’ll find me at just after the 34 minute mark.

TOPICS: Charters, Dan Forest can see the future, Common Core, unhinged Jere Confrey and Governor McCrory hiding from Common Core in an election year.

Some Details:
We talked about the Charter school article in the News and Observer that included Lt. Governor Dan Forest and remarks about the Charter school report which was apparently pretty lopsided. I wonder how that could have happened? Oh wait, the report wasn’t given to the Charter School Board to review before the released it. Gee. That’s not an ambush or anything.

At any rate, the Lt. Governor correctly called the media bias on this one.

The News and Observer report referenced a report by three Duke ‘researchers’. The Duke report in a nutshell: you’re a racist if you pull your kid out of public school and send them to a charter.

We also talked about unhinged Jere Confrey, Common Core and read my article deconstructing her latest screed at the News and Observer.

Common Core Crazy ConfreyI’ve never seen someone flip out the way she does in defense of a set of line item standards. I’m not kidding; I’ve really seen it in person.

At one of the Academic Standards Commission meetings, she was angrily gesticulating to News and Observer’s Lynn Bonner to the point the majority of the room started staring at her.

Analysis: Jere needs to switch to decaf.

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