News and Observer Prints Another Jere Confrey Screed – #ncga #nced #stopcommoncore

File this one under:  Sit down and shut, up citizen.

Common Core Crazy Confrey (Image via ‘Math Wiki’)

Jere Confrey is an “expert”. She was on the Common Core invalidation committee. She knows what is best for your children.  Gimme a break. 

The News and Observer has printed another one of her little screeds.  The News and Observer even let her ramble on as long as she wanted, per this text at the bottom,  “The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the issue.” 

Fuller response means twice the amount of educrat hot air blown up our collective rear ends. Goody!

The article is co-authored by Ron Preston, who is the president of the council and professor at East Carolina University. Tell me, Mr. Preston — have you ever taught K-12?  There were also multiple ‘contributors’, all from higher ed and NOT from K-12.

Let’s dive in.

Strike One
Confrey hangs her first bullet point on the Dept. of Public Instruction’s totally unscientific and unverifiable ‘surveys’ to teachers on Common Core.  Even the Pro-Common Core Co-Chair, Andre Peek, said these surveys were not really usable and the commission needed their own data sets.

In fact, that’s just what the commission did by holding events across the state for teachers to give their input face to face. The VAST majority of them liked the recommendations the math workgroup had put together.  You’ll notice that Confrey says nothing about that in her diatribe.

A word about those ‘surveys’…
You didn’t have to identify yourself on the survey, you didn’t have to prove you were a K-12 teacher nor did you have to prove you were even in the state of North Carolina.  This was the same case as the survey put out by the Dept. of Public Instruction for parents.  The surveys were extremely cumbersome to fill out, to say the least.

Besides, the Dept. of Public Instruction did this before and the results told them teachers were not thrilled about Common Core and had the same concerns as found by the Common Core Commission. That was the same case with the results from the open comments collected by [See all my articles where I posted those national level results here.]

Strike Two
Confrey’s second bullet point admits that Minnesota’s NAEP scores were higher than North Carolina’s and then incorrectly says minority students in North Carolina did better by lumping them all together as a single group. Cute, but wrong. More on NC NAEP scores here.

It’s becoming rather clear that Common Core is negatively impacting minority students, which is something Confrey surely will freak out about and call me a liar.  Meh.

By the way, Minnesota was in the top 15 for composite score on the 2015 ACT, whereas NC was second from last, with only Hawaii behind us. For math, Minnesota was in the top ten, while North Carolina was 6th from last. Look at the ACT 2015 scores for yourself.  See info on NC ACT scores here and here.

Strike Three.. she’s outta here.
Confrey’s third bullet point is just a rehash of her previous little temper tantrum.  She’s clearly unhinged when it comes to defending the Common Core math standards. Confrey hilariously suggests a lack of transparency and willingness to listen to ‘pro’ Common Core opinions.

Ms. Confrey, the point of the commission was to look for options besides your beloved Common Core.  It was not formed to listen to pro-Core people recite debunked talking points while gazing at one’s own navel.


When you release that information, feel free to complain about transparency. Until then, I suggest moving out of the Glass House Common Core built lest it crash on your angry little head.

By the way, has any news agency asked Ms. Confrey about her financial gain from the standards yet? Her Amplify projects? Her mClass Wireless Generation work?

How about these grants?

NCSU Grants - Archived - Jere Confrey NCSU Grants - Archived STEM- Jere Confrey NCSU Grants - Jere Confrey


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