WRAL: Low Performing Teachers Hired At Low Performing Schools

An article at WRAL says low performing schools “hire” more low performing teachers. The report never delves into why.

Some possible reasons:

1. Teachers are rarely ever fired — they get dumped onto a school where no one will complain about them, or if they do complain, no one cares.

2. More qualified teachers apply to better schools.
Diversity policies are applied to the students, never the teachers. No one questions this, yet it is being inferred parents are ‘resegregating’ schools by pulling their kids out of bad or failing public schools?


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One Response to WRAL: Low Performing Teachers Hired At Low Performing Schools

  1. Anngie1984 says:

    So as a parent of non-color do you have an obligation to leave your kid in a crappy school so at least it remains “diverse?” Also, teaching appears to be one of only a handful of professions where altruism is supposed to be a major factor in employment selection.


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