#WCPSS Board Doesn’t Even Know Their Own Rules

News and Observer reports that the Wake County School Board protested the General Assembly’s redefining of low-performing schools by abstaining on vote on improvement plans.

Punchline: When they all abstain, the measure passes and none of them knew this.

Excerpt from N&O:

With one board member after another abstaining, school board Chairwoman Christine Kushner asked board attorney Jonathan Blumberg what the legal implications were for an abstention.

Blumberg answered that he can “understand the powerful symbolic message board members are sending by abstaining.” But Blumberg proceeded to read from board policy 1323, which says that every board member must vote unless excused by the majority vote of the remaining members. In addition, failure to vote by a member who is physically present and not excused from voting on the motion shall be recorded as an affirmative vote.

After getting Blumberg’s confirmation that abstaining would be the same as a yes vote, all seven board members present voted to abstain on the motion to approve the plans.

“So the result will be the plans go into place,” Kushner said. “We will be in compliance. The motion will pass with a message.”

Yeah, the message is DERP.

The Wake Board was more than halfway through their non-vote protest and figured out they were actually passing the thing they were protesting. So they smiled and said, ‘yeah! we meant to do that!’

Oh and just a friendly reminder about Wake Board Member Susan Evans:


As someone living in this district, I’m frankly horrified at the idea of Susan Evans representing me at the General Assembly.

I’ve had my own run in with Evans at a ‘listening’ forum held by newly hired Superintendent Merrill. Parents could come and speak for 3 minutes. About 20 people showed up. Of that, only about 10 spoke.  They all spoke on Common Core.

I spoke at it and went over time. When the timekeeper tried to shuttle me off, I stopped her and motioned to the non-existent audience — who was going to care if I went over my 3 minutes a bit?

When I sat down, Evans snapped at me that I had been rude and disrespectful. I doubt she expected me to fire right back by telling her “tough” and reminding her that this was the first chance parents had EVER been given in Wake county to talk about Common Core. She glared and I stared. Meh.

Reminder: Evans was involved with the teacher ‘walk in’, that included sending home fliers with little kids containing Union propaganda

Reminder: Evans and Kushner both have been propped up by ‘Great Schools In Wake Coalition’, which tied to WakeUp Wake County.  They’re both pretty much run and directed by leftist Yevonne Brannon.


Via Travis Photo Log http://www.travislongphoto.com/2011/02/07/school-board-in-turmoil/candlelight1-ne-032210-tel/

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