Wake School Board District 2 Race – Debt & Tax Issues

It appears Monika Johnson Hostler, who is running for the District 2 Wake County School Board seat has some debt issues she did not disclose.

News and Observer:

RALEIGH — Documents that have surfaced just days before the election show Wake County school board candidate Monika Johnson-Hostler was ordered by a court to pay a five-figure credit card debt three years ago.

Wake County District Court Judge Lori Christian ruled in August 2010 that Johnson-Hostler must pay back nearly $14,000 to American Express. Court documents obtained by The News & Observer on Friday included a writ of execution ordering payment of $13,973 in principal, along with interest and court costs that drove the total to nearly $18,000.

A copy of the judgement was sent to me late yesterday and all the numbers line up with the News and Observer article.  Hostler was ordered in February 2010 to pay the balance amount of $13,973 plus 8% interest until paid off. Hostler was also ordered to pay the court fees of the plaintiff plus 15% of their attorney’s fees. Hostler nor campaign manager have stated whether or not payment has been made or is still ongoing.

There are some personal details with in the judgement, so I am only posting a screen grab of the first page here:

Hostler’s campaign manager blamed the recession and the competition. News and Observer:

“The recession hit (Johnson-Hostler and her family) hard like it did for a lot of families,” Shingleton said. “To me, it’s interesting that this is coming out days before the election, and it’s disappointing; this had been such a positive race.”

Matt Scruggs, Johnson-Hostler’s opponent, said his campaign did not release the information.

Perhaps it was recession related and most people can understand that, but it still happened and question why it was not disclosed. It is also worth noting that the credit card wasn’t the only debt trouble Hostler had. A look at her tax records show she has been late in paying 15 times since 2001. Her 2012 bill was 3 months late and her 2011 bill was 16 months late. Hostler was also late in property taxes on cars she owned multiple times; examples are an Acura in 2003 was 10 months overdue and a Ford that was chronically late.

The Left leaning PAC, Wake Citizens for Good Government has thrown money at Hostler’s campaign to the tune of $4,000.  Via News and Observer, emphasis added:

The Wake Citizens For Good Government PAC is back and giving money to help the Democratic candidates for Wake County school board and the Wake County Democratic Party.

Campaign finance reports show that the group had raised, as of Sept. 23, $18,520.82 and spent $16,854.54. The PAC gave $6,000 to the Wake County Democratic Party, $4,000 to school board candidate Monika Johnson-Hostler, $4,000 to school board candidate Zora Felton and $2,000 to school board member Tom Benton.

The donors read off as a list of Democratic activists and members of the Great Schools in Wake Coalition.

Hostler has played up her advocacy work related to violence against women but has not mentioned her opinion of the law in the Duke Lacrosse case:

“Let’s be clear that we won’t know that they’re not guilty just based on the outcome in the court,” Monika Johnson-Hostler, executive director of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA), told Cybercast News Service. “That won’t tell us anything.” Source – CNS news via Crosswalk

If unfamiliar with the case, several members of the Duke University Lacrosse team were falsely accused of rape by Crystal Mangum. Mangum has since been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend and is acting as her own attorney.

It appears that Hostler’s debts issues and tax delinquency aren’t the only things not being disclosed or discussed.

UPDATE 10-09-13:  Hostler won and will be taking the seat in District 2 left vacant by Tedesco. The Wake County Board is now solidly Democrat.  We’ll see how she handles the finances of others and futures of our kids. The Wake County Board also is stripped of the ‘partisanship’ excuse line. What they do now is on them.

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