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The longest serving K-12 Educrat wants you to head to her brand new website:


Don’t get too excited, it’s literally one page and doesn’t mention any of her big accomplishments like bringing the wonderful Common Core to North Carolina:


What this one pager does include is a single statistic:

“Our graduation rate has increased from 68 percent when I first became state superintendent to an all time high of nearly 86 percent this past year.”

Yeah… About that graduation rate…

QUESTION: How are we graduating nearly 86% when the NC School report card released this week shows NC students who are “career and college ready” at 47.9% and grade level proficiency at 57.9%?

These rates are disturbing given that NC even lowered the bar last year by changing the proficiency scale from four levels to five, thereby padding who is considered proficient and who isn’t. It also turned comparing prior years scores with current ones into a very laborious and frustrating task.

Now factor in that high school students will get more padding with the new grading scale next year as they move to a seven point scale:

North Carolina schools currently use a seven-point scale, meaning an “A” is a score from 93 to 100.

Under the new grading scale, an “A” is a score from 90 to 100.

Current Grade New
100-93 A 100-90
92-85 B 89-80
84-77 C 79-70
76-70 D 69-60
Below F Below


I’ll have more as I dig through the data. From what I’ve seen so far with the 3rd grade scores, all is not well in ‘career and college ready’ land.

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