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This week’s highlights:
Wake County School Board continues path of being entitled Social Justice Warriors,”Restorative Justice”, “Hoes Exposed”, Transgender bathroom issue and special college Snowflakes.

REMINDER: Today is the NC  Common Core Commission Meeting.
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#1 – Wake County school board chair warns choice is “segmenting” kids

“In short, our children need to learn how to balance the individual with the community,” Kushner says. “This will be a tough lesson to learn, since parents, taxpayers, and legislators seem to have forgotten this lesson themselves.

“We need to push against the growing segmentation of exclusive schooling — whether through vouchers or charter schools or segregated schools — which undermines that balance between the individual and community.”

Read the comments on the article. Ms. Kushner sends her kids to one of the most exclusive publicly funded schools in the state. She’s a hypocrite. Read: Your children. Not mine.

#2 – Wake County parents say year-round school being forced on them
The comments below the article are very informative. Read them.

#3 – Leak in Wake classroom leads to teacher resignation and mold fears

#4 – Teachers urged to promote UN sustainability agenda
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#5 – Will NC Students Have to Share Bathrooms, Locker Rooms with Other Sex?
This fight is coming to NC. Get ready, parents.

#6 – ​CMS Board Giveth and then Yanketh Away

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board voted 7-2 Tuesday to take back a building it had leased to Veritas charter school just three months before.​”

#7 – Union Co. schools will investigate allegations surrounding superintendent
More: Union Co. school board member files criminal complaint against superintendent…

#8 – State School Board Looks Into Merging County School Districts



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