On Common Core, I had Sen. Ted Cruz “at Hello”

I’m in the midst of covering the NC Republican Convention this weekend and just raced home between sessions, so this is going to be a quick entry.

This morning I was honored to be in on a grassroots panel with 2016 Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz. Multiple topics were discussed and time was running short, but I managed to get the last question of the session.

Markeece Young (@YoungBLKRepub) on Twitter was also there and managed to capture Senator Cruz responding to a question. Yours truly is 2nd on the right from Senator Cruz.

When I got to ask my question, I started off on a bit of diatribe on Common Core, the invasive data collection on our students and the increasing overreach by the Department of Education.

To be honest, I had a mini-rant moment there. I will try to transcribe the rough audio I have

I drew parallels on the data collection by the Dept. of Ed (which is inherent with Common Core and its tests) with the recent break of over 4 million government workers.

I admit I got a bit worked up on what a train wreck the fundamentally flawed experiment Common Core is and how all the tests are aligned, which pigeon-holes our kids into forced usage of the standards.

I told him school choice was a big deal. The Moms are paying attention to what candidates are saying about education. We can swing a lot of votes. Our kids are watching us fight. I know first-hand, I am one of the fighters.  I rambled on quite a bit, but I had a point and a question.

That question was how do we rein in the increasing overreach of the Department of Education, the data collection in particular, and dislodge Arne Duncan from his fiefdom?

Senator Cruz grinned at me and said, “So let me quote the movie Jerry McGuire…You had me at Hello…”.  Boom!  The room erupted into applause and laughter.

I kidded back that he was better looking than Jerry McGuire. More laughter and applause.

Once the laughter died down, Senator Cruz called Common Core an “abomination” and would like to see states repeal every word. Applause filled the room again.

Senator Cruz continued and said we should abolish the department of education.

Cruz elaborated on his abolishing the Dept. of Education remark and said that “a lot of Republicans get this wrong”.  Abolishing the Dept. of Education doesn’t mean ‘abolishing education’, but instead returning control of education to the states.

“Education is too important for it to be governed by unelected bureaucrats in Washington.”, said Cruz.

“We have direct accountability at the local level,” said Cruz. The Senator stressed the importance of accountability at the state and local level with regards to education. Senator Cruz also noted that being able to work with and speak out at the local level to change issues in education is crucial.

About A.P. Dillon

A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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  4. patriotflllc says:

    Ineliligible- This article refers to Obama, but the SCOTUS precedent referenced also applies to Sen. Cruz-
    I have been disparagingly called a “birther” for this stance, but I would prefer Constitutionalist, “one who stands to defend and protect the Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.”


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  6. That’s simply awesome, LL1885!

    I wish I had time to go to these events. Always working weekends.


  7. wewontforget says:

    I will make you a a $100 wager. If Cruz is elected you will never see him shut down thr US Dept. Of Ed. In fact you will never even see an attempt to make it happen. He had more power as a Senator to make it happen but he has done NOTHING to rein in the department or CC. Ronald Reagan campaigned on shutting down the department but never had any intention on doing it. If you think he is not tied to the big money people think again. AND sadly no matter how much we want to twist it he is not eligible.


    • Wanting to shut down the DOE and actually being able to do it are two different things. I think Cruz answered the question honestly and I appreciated his candor.

      “AND sadly no matter how much we want to twist it he is not eligible.”

      Care to explain that?


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