Teacher Omar Currie Knows What’s Best For Your Child

Parents, teacher Omar Currie knows what is best for your child. He will read to your 8 year-old child what he deems fit. That includes a book about homosexuality because.. bullying! Mr. Currie has many quotes caught by the News and Observer, but this amazingly arrogant comments on your rights as parents are truly amazing:

On Wednesday, the committee, acting on an earlier complaint, upheld the use of the book. But Currie said the principal also instituted new policies that require teachers to notify parents of all the books they plan to read in class and to fill out a form for every bullying incident.

On Friday night, speaking loud and fast in his allotted three minutes, Currie objected to the new rules.

“This egregious policy creates an undue burden on teachers, and it hurts students,” he said. “The district must understand silence is poison.”

You got that parents? Notifying you of what books your child will read in class is “egregious policy” and “hurts students”. Currie claimed this book was to draw awareness to bullying?  His own mentality here is bullying.

Notice he mentions the teachers and students but not the parents?

They are not in his equation – still. Lib Logic

These are not your kids, Mr. Currie. They belong to their parents and those parents have every right to be angry with you on this. This content is inappropriate for a class full of 8 year-olds. To the parents that thought this was OK to read, that’s fine — read it to your own kids.

One can argue the split in parental opinions here actually proves the need for such a notification process.

Frankly, a practice like this should be in place for ALL grades in all schools. Does Mr. Currie have a problem with transparency and the engagement of parents?

Back to that ‘bullying’. At the end of the News and Observer article, we see real bullying in action:

“These are my children. These are not your children,” said Rodney Davis, who has two children at Efland-Cheeks. “What gives you the right to tell me what they can listen to and what they can hear in our school? That’s bullying.”


School district spokesman Seth Stephens repeatedly told speakers to focus on the book and not individuals.

When Davis interrupted him, Stephens had a sheriff’s deputy escort Davis through the door and out of the school.

Good for Mr. Davis. Parents have had it with some schools and teachers making school more about social issues than about actual academics.

By the way, while News and Observer characterized the meeting as supportive of Currie, WRAL said it was a protest.

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6 Responses to Teacher Omar Currie Knows What’s Best For Your Child

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  2. Gus Jones says:

    The insults were not about being gay, but about being female. Why didn’t he read a book about a strong woman/girl– and drive home the point that there’s nothing wrong about being a girl? That observation aside, I was shocked several years ago when I overheard 8-10 year old boys ragging on a fellow basketball player with the terms: girl and fag. I corrected them on the spot — There is nothing wrong with girls or gays and the childrens’ language was unacceptable. I don’t care if they were “your children”. You have clearly failed to teach them basic human respect. Perhaps they aren’t receiving respect at home?


  3. Donatella says:

    You said, bigoted hag. Try being less of a hateful brainfart.


  4. Robert says:

    He is simply following dear comrade Melissa Harris Perry’s philosophy that your children belong to the community and not to you. We know these types get not only their marching orders but their moral and philosophical guidance from such morons. It’s nothing less than millennial and lefties getting their news from Jon Stewart. It’s sad that a whole generations of brain-dead parents have wholeheartedly agreed to hand their children over to the leftist institution of indoctrination known as public education.


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