MORE Controversial Reading Assignments In NC…and Beyond

Over the last six months, I’ve covered the controversial reading assignment of One Crazy Summer dealing with the Black Panthers given to 4th graders in a Wake County school
and another one involving The Kite Runner in Buncombe county.

School Did What The Stupid BurnsIt’s Orange County’s turn.

The book, King and King, deals with homosexuality is being read to 3rd graders. For those without kids, 3rd graders are typically 8 and 9 year-old kids.

ABC 11 reported:

Third grade students in an Orange County classroom were given a lesson in homosexuality, and some parents are furious over the subject matter because they were not notified about the book beforehand.

ABC11 has learned a school administrator was made aware of the reading selection and physically handed the book to the teacher.

Three complaints have been filed.

“They keep religion out of school. Let’s be careful what else we want to enter into school,” said Efland resident Frederick McAdoo.

A teacher at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School, who is openly gay, read the book in class.

“This is something that should be taught by parents or at least the parents be aware what is being taught to their kids,” said parent Mary Palmatier.

“It’s just too young,” said McAdoo. “We shouldn’t have to go through this.”
The book in question is called King and King. The fairytale is about a prince who defies his mom and marries a man, not a woman.

The ABC 11 article also had this bit of backtracking by the school and a nugget referencing Common Core (emphasis added):

Principal Kiley Brown told ABC11 that while the assistant principal knew about the reading selection, she did not. She said parents should have been notified.

“We are dealing with this matter and following policy as best we can in light of the situation and I think this will be a huge learning experience for our staff and our community,” said Brown. “I think that letting parents know and be key aspects of the educational process is huge.”

Brown said staff is now reviewing the common core state standards. People feel that is the appropriate course of actions for the children in this school.

The ABC 11 article goes on to say that the teacher used this book to address ‘bullying’. From reading the comments on the article, parents aren’t buying it.
Some comment examples:

“What this teacher did, supposedly to prevent bullying, in my opinion IS BULLYING – pushing his views on innocent children. Just my opinion.”

“So the book was supposed to be about bullying? I’m sure there are other reads you could have chose dude. And kids shouldn’t be taught to defy there parents in 3rd grade. Sorry this was more about pushing an agenda in my eyes but everyone has an opinion.”

“I am a grandparent and I feel like they should have talked to the parents first before reading this .”

“Home school your children if you want them to have morals, values and beliefs as you have raised them. Public schools are breeding grounds for dysfunction.”

This book in Orange county NC has competition in Missouri via the popular and widely used Scholastic Book Club.

The book, George, in Missouri deals with individuals identifying as ‘transgender’. The book’s star is the same age as 3rd grade children.

Missouri Education Watchdog reports that George is, “a book about an eight-year-old girl named Melissa, who was born a boy named George.”

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  3. Pat Orsban says:

    Hey hey, as long as the include something useful, like some Eddie Eagle Gun safety books, then it all works out in the end.


  4. Walt-in-Durham says:

    It was in Efland. I knew Chapel Hill Carrboro public schools wouldn’t wait so long to introduce homosexuality to the classroom.


  5. brackenkaren says:

    Do they have kids read stories about fat kids getting bullied? Do they have kids read stories about disabled kids getting bullied? No so far all I hear is bullying as it pertains to gays. And that is by design. Because it is not about bullying. Bullying is the smoke screen they use to push their homosexual agenda. And to be honest it has nothing to do with homosexuals either. It is the total and complete agenda to break down a child’s belief in Christianity in order to destroy morals.


    • Do you remember reading ‘Blubber’ by Judy Blume in Elementary school?
      That was a book about bullying. Where has it gone? Same with How to Eat Fried Worms…


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