More Unnamed ‘Moral’ Arrests On Taxpayer Dime

Yesterday Moral Monday held another protest. News and Observer reported 10 people were arrested but didn’t name who.

One would think that given the taxpayer dime is funding the officers who arrest these people, surely who they are should be known right?


Last year, the Wake Sheriff’s site logged all the incidents and arrests up until ‘someone’ complained that Civitas (and WRAL) had created a protester database.

After last week’s April 29th arrests, I contacted the Wake County Sheriff department after being unable to locate an incident report or associated arrests from the Moral Monday held that day.  The Wake Sheriff told me to check with the Capitol Police.

I called the Capitol Police and inquired. I am on day 6 of waiting for a return call.

By the way, the protest yesterday was about raising the minimum wage. It was largely attended by union backed outfits like ‘Fight for 15’. Of note in attendance, was UNC’s very own millionairehypocrite ‘poverty warrior‘, Gene Nichol.

N&O reported:

Gene Nichol, a UNC-Chapel Hill law professor who has been a critic of recent legislative actions and an advocate for the state’s poorest residents, told the crowd that more than half the jobs created in North Carolina since the Great Recession offer wages that barely cover everyday bills. Few workers at the lowest rungs of the pay ladder are “after big government programs,” he said. “They want wages they can live on in exchange for a difficult and demanding day’s work. They want to have a chance to advance and make economic progress.

Remember, Nichol was using his ‘UNC Poverty Center’ to hold political events and the UNC Board of Governors broomed the Poverty Center out the door.

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  1. Mark says:

    The important question here is, are any of these people repeat offenders. They should be denied bail until their court date.. another important question is if there is a judge granting these repeat offenders bail is there judicial malpractice? Somebody needs to look into this amd press the state attorneys office amd the state bar for a full investigation.


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