WNCN Fails To Mention “Who More With Four” Side With

The headline itself is slanted as Hell:

Republican Wake Co. commissioners fighting to keep power

This article over at WNCN fails to mention who the Democrat “More With Four” county commission candidates side with. It’s not the public, it’s Moral Monday and their huge laundry list spending and more dependency on big government.

The WNCN article calls Jessica Holmes an “education attorney”.
She’s an NCAE attorney.
That’s a fairly large piece of information to leave out given the way the NCAE has politicked in our schools over the last year and backed Moral Monday’s every play.   Excerpt:

Jessica Holmes is the Democrat running against incumbent Gianni in District 3, which covers a part of southwest Wake County

Holmes is an education law attorney while Gianni is a chief financial officer.

Gianni was appointed to the board in April, replacing Tony Gurley who left to take a job with the state.

Holmes said commissioners and the state should spend more on education, making it more of a priority.

“For me, education is not a soundbite,” Holmes said. “Now you have kids, some kids, having textbooks that are older than they are and some of them can’t even take those textbooks home at night.”

Gianni is concerned about the economics of the democrats’ plan.

“The only way to do what they want to do is to do one of two things, either reduce the funds provided to the sheriff’s office or toward human services or to raise taxes,” Gianni said.

Holmes’s claims about textbooks are hilarious given the textbook commission has been under Democrat control for decades. Also, the move to digital materials has and will continue to have an impact. What she just uttered is a true soundbite with no substance.

Ms. Holmes has hidden her ardent Moral Monday support and the media has either ignored it or is too lazy to do their job.

Vetting is apparently only for Republican candidates? It would seem so.

Gianni is right to be concerned. The Moral Monday agenda would cost taxpayer upwards of $7 to $10 billion. Their idea of managing money is to take ‘your fair share’ as they see fit, increasing the size and scope of government, increased debt to the fed and expanding every program they get their hands on.

I left a comment on the article:

Not one mention that three of the four Democrat candidates all support Moral Monday.
Not one mention that Jessica Holmes is an NCAE attorney who has voted in Wake County  3 times and has spoken at Moral Monday events. She supports Common Core as well.

Do your Job, WNCN.





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