NC Common Core Commission Should Bring In Stotsky, Milgram

Earlier this week, the NC Common Core Commission (known as the Academic Standards Review Commission or ASRC) held their second meeting.  I live-blogged it as best I could.

The Commission heard from “experts” from the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) on the ELA standards at the urging of the Governor’s appointee, Andre Peek.

The NC public and the NC General Assembly, as warned by Senator Tillman at the first meeting, will not stand for a rebrand or a rehash. I’d also warn against blowing off the Common Core Copyright.

I respectfully submit to the Commission that they practice the transparency and thoroughness they have been preaching, lest they be seen pulling shenanigans like we saw happen in Missouri this week.

The Commission should make immediate arrangements to hear from the experts who were involved in the Common Core at the ground level and served on the Validation committee for the standards: Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram.

Frankly, the General Assembly should have brought these two in during the Legislative Research Committee hearings instead of Fordham’s Common Core mouthpiece, Michael Brickman.

Citizens can contact Commission Co-Chair Andre Peek at 919-426-3713 and/or Co-ChairJeannie Metcalf at 336-287-2804 to encourage them to bring Dr. Stotsky and Dr. Milgram to North Carolina.

Overview of the 10/20/14 Meeting
The public who attended were treated to a multi-hour presentation by NC’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) that covered the Common Core ELA.  It took four representatives from DPI to make this presentation. Bear in mind that DPI mentioned that two other relevant staff members couldn’t make it.

The presentation was convoluted in its attempt to parse the multiple layers of standards even for just one grade level. The presentation also included having the Commission members do exercises in highlighting differences in the layers and between grades.

Overall, the entire thing really laid bare how ridiculously over-complex the Common Core standards are.  Commission member, Dr. Schiek, made the follow comment after the presentation by DPI that hit the nail on the head:

““I do not see how this material is clear to the average parent. My suspicion is that they need to be simplified somehow,” said John Schieck, a retired professor from Wake County.”  – WUNC


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