NC State Senator Questions #APUSH

North Carolina State Senator Jerry Tillman is questioning the new AP U.S. History  (APUSH) framework. (See Tillman’s Newsletter snippet below the fold.)

scG-coleman-unqualifiedHe is wise to do so. APUSH went from a 5 page framework to a 95 page one, which largely marginalizes early U.S. History in favor of a Leftist Global view and includes the theme that America is not exceptional. This new framework totally undermines the teaching of U.S. History both nationwide and in North Carolina. This new framework is led by Common Core architect, David Coleman.

Appalling APUSH, Read it yourself
How The College Board Politicized U.S. History
Why The College Board Demoted The Founders

Senator Tillman, in his letter,  is looking to the State Superintendent, the Department of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education to act. I hate to inform Senator Tillman of this and I suspect he already knows this, but June Atkinson and Bill Cobey have no intention of doing anything about APUSH.

Senator Tillman is responsible for SB 812, which is meant to repeal and replace Common Core in North Carolina. June Atkinson, Bill Cobey and Governor McCrory have a different idea of what SB 812 is meant to do. They believe it will just allow Cobey, as State Education Board chair, to reject any new standards and keep Common Core — this is something I’ve dubbed Operation Rebrand.


From Senator Tillman’s newsletter:

AP U.S. History: Check it Out

The New Hanover County School Board is calling on the College Board to delay for one year its new Advanced Placement U.S. History course. Several other states are doing the same thing. They have good reason to do so. You’ll see…

Many, both inside and outside education circles have voiced strong objections, calling the new course inaccurate, deeply flawed and biased as well as portraying a revisionist view of America. I believe, along with others, this new U.S. History course, in all likelihood, violates state law as well as not meeting N.C. graduation requirements. The course and the accompanying AP test will negate legislation passed nearly 4 years ago requiring teaching of the founding principles, founding fathers and other related documents of this era. I was a strong supporter of this legislation and still am. The law requires students to take a semester-long American History course focusing primarily on the aforementioned topics. The new AP U.S. History course does not meet this requirement – not by a long-shot.

David Coleman, the prime architect of Common Core, is president of the College Board and his fingerprints are all over this new AP College Board requirement. It does not meet the smell test in my book. How about yours? If the State Board of Education and DPI allow students to substitute the third-party AP History Course for the state-required course I will do all I can to seek a legislative fix.

Let’s see what they do…

I’m willing to wait and see what action the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction take. I won’t wait long. Today, I will write SBE Chairman Bill Cobey and state Superintendent June Atkinson for their proposed course of action.

Note: When third-party out of state entities begin writing N.C.’s curriculum, tests and standards they control our education’s future. I’ve never liked that approach and never will – Common Core is a prime example. Vigilance on a daily basis is needed. There are others who want to control our curriculum. A healthy skepticism of their motives is never a bad thing. You’ll see…


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