The Real Deal On The NC Common Core Bill

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First Things First – Clearing the air
Those who follow this blog know I have been on the front lines of this fight for coming up on two years. Speaking for myself, I’ve given more time to this issue than I care to think about. It’s cost me friendships, time with my family and has been a big source of stress overall. Having said that, I wouldn’t change any of it since I’m fighting for my children and the children of NC.

Myself and others have done the presentation circuit and the radio shows. We’ve been testifying at various forums and in front of the Common Core Study committee. We’ve been writing, researching and meeting with legislators. All of this has culminated in a HB1061/SB812 – Replace Common Core To Fit NC’s Needs.  This bill now has a companion in the Senate. Here are the bills that are relevant to the fight against Common Core:
SB815 – Ensuring Privacy of Student Records
SB812 – Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs

Getting HB1061/SB812 passed is critical to being able to move forward with getting rid of the rest of it.  It is critical we get the commission to replace up and running. Common Core is like a hydra, you can’t cut off all the heads at one time. This cuts it from our statutes, keeps the testing in a holding pattern and puts into place a method to replace it.

While I expected some critique and questions when the bill came out, I did not expect the viciousness and outright snobbery displayed by some parties.  The tone was what I would expect from the educrat elites that try to talk down to and bash Common Core opposition. It was rather appalling to see that from those allegedly on the same side.  The political axe grinding began to overshadow the purpose of the bill: saving our kids from Common Core.

In a nutshell, as with any legislation proposed, the 11th hour armchair quarterbacks who have not been engaged until now are weighing in. Glad to have them joining the fight, even if it is late. So – Where have you been up until now? *Crickets*

If that sounds like a bitchy rant, that’s because it is. You try doing the heavy lifting on an item like this for almost 2 years and then watch it be shredded by parties going off half-cocked and using it as a political currency type platform as you finally reach one of your goals. It’s stomach turning and eye-opening.
Rant mode is now off. I won’t return to this unless provoked.


Addressing  Concerns the Late Arrivals

I get the concerns about the bill’s language.  I get that they want Common Core gone. I want nothing more than that. Having said that, no bill is perfect and this one gets our foot in the door.  Piling on this bill with multiple amendments and  black and white language will ensure its defeat.  Also, there is misinformation being given out bout the bill and certain federal grants that is not helpful and I’ve had to sort out a lot of confused citizens.  To those parties disseminating it: PLEASE STOP.

I’m not saying some language can’t be strengthened, I’m just saying the folks doing the complaining out there are not privy to everything going on behind the scenes. They also are ignoring other bills like SB 815 (Student Data Privacy) that are addressing other aspects of Common Core.
I also hear a lot of impatience and insistence that we have the numbers to do this with a super-majority. Newsflash: Having a super-majority in both houses means exactly squat in the process of passing a bill. Ever heard of that thing called Congress? Where we hold a majority there too? Yeah. They get tons of bills done we like, right? Yes, that was sarcasm.
By that same token, take a look at the national stage. Only two other states have been able to get legislation like this through. Common Core has too many moving parts, agreements and other strings attached. Eradicating Common Core completely and entirely in one go is both unrealistic and delusional. Attempting to do so will make certain Common Core stays in place.

To those taking a purist stance, understand this:

If this bill doesn’t pass, the commission will not get put into place to replace the Common Core. It’s game over at that point. 

Let me re-iterate that:

There is no other bill.
This has to go through in this short session. If it dies from a thousand papercuts,that’s on the heads of  late arrivals.

Now, let’s get to the Politics
These parties just not tuning in as we head into the short session would do well to concentrate on the influence the Chamber of Commerce is having in the Common Core fight.

Thom Tillis in the debates said he opposes Common Core and wants it gone. Now, there are rumblings he might be trying to kill HB1061.  Oddly enough, the very people who are the most ticked off with Tillis and the establishment are the very ones bashing HB1061. You’re doing his job for him. Ironic, no?

So what was the shift going on with Tillis? The NC Chamber of Commerce.  I’ve been harping on their involvement since the beginning of the year. No one paid attention. If folks are paying attention now – start digging. Ask the questions. Who is funding this Common Core push at the Chamber’s education foundation? Who is Carl Rectanus and why is he Hell bent on pushing Common Core when it utter fails STEM students, yet he claims to be a big  brain on STEM?

More About the NC Chamber & Common Core Blackmail

For those of you who missed it, over the weekend on NCSPIN Gene Arnold of Public Schools NC Forum outright said the Chamber is going to blackmail legislators by choking off their funding if they don’t kill the Common Core bill.

If Tillis is going to renege on that issue and try to shelve this thing, he’s no better than his opponent, Kay Hagan who has been pushing various bills related to Common Core in the Senate.  This is where I agree with many parties: Tillis needs to do what is right for the children of North Carolina. That means killing Common Core and getting HB1061 through. I can hear you asking, what about McCrory? The Governor is not immune from scrutiny here either. I have another article coming on that where I delve into his two Democrat Education Advisers with Gates Foundation tied pedigrees.  I voted for McCrory, but that doesn’t mean I won’t call him on the carpet.  Stay tuned.



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  2. Tracy Bengtson says:

    Thank you for all you have done and are doing. We appreciate the sacrifices you and countless others have made.

    David Barton, in Charlotte yesterday, said that many Americans do not want to take time away from their families to get involved in civic life. Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of our founding fathers, placed the love and service of country above the love and service of family, because protecting our families happens when we protect our country. We have a duty to ensure the policies which govern our families are good ones. Losing control of our country brings harm to our families. Common Core is a blatant example of that kind of harm.

    While you are doing the right things, and we know you have put every possible effort into stopping common core, we also know it comes at a cost for you and your family. For that, I am sorry, but I am grateful. Your hard work and sacrifice will not have been wasted, and you will be one of the key people to thank when this is done.


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