Protests At Apex School – Sign: Teachers Have No Union

Our schools are once again being used as launchpads for protests by teachers over their compensation and working conditions complaints.  Some folks think using our schools and children in this manner is appropriate. It’s not. I wonder what would happen if a bunch of moms started protesting Common Core in front of the school? Would that be appropriate too?

Today in Apex, one such protest happened (tweet below). Note one of the signs “NC has no tchrs. Union.”  Those poor tchrs. No union.

Um, yeah  -North Carolina does not allow state employees to unionize. This is not news. Is she asking for unionization of schools here? If you want to kill public schools in NC, that’s a sure-fire way to do it. Having said that, the NCAE pretty much is a union. They even hired a union organizer as a new director and even has its own union demanding protest arm called Organize2020.

The main problem is the NCAE promotes its own interests (perpetuating a victimhood status by not getting anything done at the legislature)  and use they teachers as their pawns. They’re a parasitic joke pushing Moral Monday style tactics where our children go to school. Disgusting.

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 Update: Video has emerged from News and Observer.

The woman interviewed says they’ve been silent for so long. Yes, silent through the Perdue years when she froze your step pay. Loud now that the Republicans are in charge.
Now, before anyone flies off the handle and screams at me for that assessment, I think teacher step pay should be reinstated. My question is, from what stone do you expect to collect this blood from?

Perhaps the proliferation of ‘education non-profits’ out there with directors making over 100k ought to put their money where their mouth is. Maybe the ridiculous superintendent contracts should be looked at or perhaps local districts should have more skin in the game in funding their teacher’s salaries? How about that educrat bloat? How many assistant and junior assistants and deputy this and thats do we need in our system? How about all those pricey new hires at Department of Public Instruction?
The silence on these topics is deafening.

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