Occupy Monday’s #NCGA Welcoming Cmte’s Huge Crowd

UPDATE: Welcome WWNC Pete Kaliner Listeners!

Occupy Monday welcomed back the NC General Assembly today… hooraaaaay.



The union desiring arm of the NCAE (Organize2020) that keeps pushing campaigns using our kids as their couriers was there:  

In the tradition adopted last year, it’s the biggest Moral Monday yet! No, not really:  


Enthusiasm gap?  Looks like it.

That didn’t stop the ‘pots and pans’ marching band.  I like how they spread out for the AFL-CIO pictures to give the impression a lot of people came. Looks like AFP’s Earplugs weren’t really needed with that turn out.  I’m sure the 2:30 pm Union Buses will bring more.


Have no fear, you can join the ‘Love Feast’ on the 19th. Bring bread… a Loave Feast? Good grief.

UPDATE: Positively cringe-worthy video…

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8 Responses to Occupy Monday’s #NCGA Welcoming Cmte’s Huge Crowd

  1. william says:

    Sorry, I thought since you took the time to comment on the crowd size I would offer up a plausible and cogent argument for why crowds may be smaller than the actual enthusiasm for the movement. I’m not sure why you feel that is non-substantive, since it could explain why 100,000+ educators were unable to attend the protest. Did I misunderstand what you were referring to as the “non-substantive argument” I identified?


    • Yes, because today was not a specific teacher protest but the Moral Monday welcoming committee for the first day back. They’ve only been advertising this big welcome party for a month… so yes, a small turn out is something to note.


      • william says:

        I never said it was not something to note, or that it was a protest specific to teachers. I was simply explaining where a large percentage of the interested parties might be. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I suppose I will cease posting and let all the other folks who comment on your blog get back to it in peace…oh…wait…


      • I know what you meant. Still, for the second season kick off, it was lack luster at best — even with buses of union people brought in during the afternoon.

        You’ve amply filled the comment void. Thanks for that. Don’t fret. What is lacking in the actual comments here is well made up for in my email box.


  2. william says:

    You are so right about the enthusiasm gap…not like teachers in NC had anything else to do on a Monday morning.


    • Except it’s Wednesday Moral Monday is not just about teachers….


      • william says:

        The fact that it was a different weekday doesn’t change my point, but if identifying non-substantive errors is your thing, you nailed it 🙂 I was merely pointing out a reason why the crowds might be smaller than the actual enthusiasm for the movement.


      • If identifying non-substantive arguments is your thing, then you nailed it as well. This is supposed to be a big movement! Rabble rabble


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