James Everett Dutschke Takes Plea Deal

By Liberty Speaks

James Everett Dutschke, who was charged with sending Ricin laced letters to President Obama, Senator Wicker and Judge Sadie Holland, changed his plea to guilty according to the DJournal.  This reversal came during a hearing on Friday, January 17th in U. S. District Court in Mississippi.   Dutschke plead guilty to four counts: one count of making and possessing Ricin and three counts of mailing threatening letters containing Ricin.

James Dutschke had been in custody since April 2013 after his failed attempt to frame Tupelo resident Paul Kevin Curtis.   Mr. Curtis was originally the first suspect and subsequently arrested for the Ricin Letters, but was released after the evidence pointed to Dutschke.   The 2nd indictment that was brought against Dutschke came on November 2oth and charging him with attempting to have someone else send a letter in hopes to frame Kevin Curtis once more was not among the guilty plea.  That charge was dropped per the agreement of the plea deal.

This change of plea has brought a recommendation of 25 years in prison.  This does not include any sentence James Dutschke may receive from the  alleged molestation charges he is also facing.  A hearing in that case will be in Lee County Circuit Court on Tuesday, January 21.  Any sentence he receives would be served concurrently.

According to the Djournal, U.S. District Judge Sharon Aycock asked Mr. Dutschke after he plead guilty to the charges laid out by Assistant U.S. Attorney Clay Joyner:

“I want to make sure you understand your charges and this description of your conduct and that it is true and accurate.”

Dutschke conferred with his attorney and stated to the court:

“I am voluntarily entering this plea and understand I am taking responsibility for everything that (Joyner) mentioned.”

He was asked if there was  coercion  into entering the guilty plea, he said,

“No ma’am, other than the fact that I could be facing life.”

If this case would have gone to trial, James Dutschke could have faced life in prison.

So, where is Paul Kevin Curtis in all of this?  He has filed a lawsuit against Mr. Dutschke seeking damages after the failed frame attempt. His attorney Christie McCoy did give a statement after the hearing on Friday,

“It’s nice that the criminal portion of this can be laid to rest.  I think everyone knows Kevin didn’t do this and the record is clear now.”


UPDATE:  Tuesday January 21st, as part of his plea agreement, James Everett Dutschke plead guilty to three counts of fondling according to WJTV.  The recommended sentence that will be served concurrently is 20 years.  His sentencing is schedule to be in 60-90 days.

*Personal Note:  I have reached out to Mr Curtis over the past 6 months and have been having conversations back and forth on Twitter .  Our messages were cordial and informative up until two weeks ago when Mr. Curtis blocked me from his page.   I will not be seeking a comment from him regarding these new events.

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