Elvis Has Left The Building…

Elvis has left the building…or at least custody. The news just broke that Paul Kevin Curtis, the man suspected of having sent Ricin tainted letters to Senator Wicker and to President Obama was released today. In case you missed it, Liberty Speaks is the blogger here at LL1885 who tracked down Curtis before the arrest was announced. Both she and I will be watching this case closely.

TPM reports:

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) — The Mississippi man charged with sending poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a state judge was released from jail on Tuesday, federal official said, though the reason for the release wasn’t immediately clear.

Jeff Woodfin, chief deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service in Oxford, Miss., said Paul Kevin Curtis has been released from custody. Woodfin said he doesn’t know if there were any conditions on the release.

The development comes hours after officials canceled a detention and preliminary hearing without explaining the reason for the change.

His lawyer Christi McCoy, who has been pushing for the charges to be dropped, said in a text message Tuesday that she could only confirm that her client has been released.

“I can tell you he is with his family,” McCoy said.

McCoy has said that there is a news conference scheduled for 5 p.m. CDT with federal authorities and defense attorneys.

The report goes on to say they found no evidence of Ricin at Curtis’ residence.  TPM also reports this tidbit, emphasis added:

“The searches are concluded, not one single shred of evidence was found to indicate Kevin could have done this,” McCoy told reporters after the hearing Monday.

McCoy also questioned why Curtis would have signed the letters “I am KC and I approve this message,” a phrase he had used on his Facebook page.

McCoy said in court that someone may have framed Curtis, suggesting that a former business associate of Curtis’ brother, a man with whom Curtis had an extended exchange of angry emails, may have set him up.

TPM has a second story up now here.

TPM is running this headline with it: Former GOP Candidate Reacts After Man He Allegedly Framed For Ricin Poisoning Is Released.

For the Curtis story, this was one of TPM’s  headlines: Family: Accused Ricin Mailer Is Mentally Ill. None of TPM’s headlines put any party affiliation or leanings on Curtis.

Liberty Speaks and I have been kicking this idea around since the day of the arrest. It all fit very neatly until the authorities found no Ricin at the home.  Stay tuned. We will have more on this.

UPDATE:  Curtis and his attorney have pointed the finger at one J. Everett Dutschke. They claim there is a long running disagreement between Curtis and Dutchske; also that Dutschke had a beef with the MS Judge who also received a letter. USA TODAY:

McCoy also pointed to alleged child molester and former political hopeful J. Everett Dutschke as a possible person of interest in potentially framing her client.

Dist. 16 Rep. Steve Holland said doesn’t know of any reason Curtis would have to target his mother, Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland, who received one of the tainted letters. “Dutschke, on the other hand, hates the Hollands with a passion,” he said.

We ran down the following links on Dutschke:


Dutschke is a Republican or ran as one, according to Follow the Money.

Blog – Magnolia GOP (Last entry was 2006)

Takes Taekwondo seriously.

My Space Page.

Like Curtis, is/was a performer:

Youtube (last video added in 2008; video below where he talks about being in the health insurance industry. Possibly the Avon Health Insurance exchange.) *UPDATE – 4/28/13: His YouTube Channel has been scrubbed of his personal videos.

Uploaded on Sep 15, 2008

Perseverance. the 3rd Tenet of Taekwondo.

Dutschke as also been arrested on child molestation charges as Curtis’ attorney claimed:

Via Mugshots.com:

James E Dutschke

The following Official Record of James E Dutschke is being redistributed by Mugshots.com and is protected by constitutional, publishing, and other legal rights. This Official Record was collected from a Law Enforcement agency on 1/20/2013.

Booking Number: 2013010273
Mugshots.com ID: 40257729
Arrest Date: 1/18/2013
Booking Date: 1/18/2013
Offense Disposition Sentence

More on the charges at Djournal; he’s accused of fondling 3 girls under the age of sixteen. Youngest reported was 7.


Possible Facebook page based on stage name of Dusty Dutschke. Not able to verify since the user has access locked down. Another one located is for the Dusty and the Robodrum.
More updates likely to follow. Check back.

*Note: It has not escaped our thinking that perhaps as easy as it was for us to track Kevin Curtis down based on the moniker in the letters, for someone who knew him personally it would have been easier. An orgy of evidence, if you will.

UPDATE III: Dutschke is denying any involvement.

TUPELO – Former Tupelo martial arts instructor J. Everett Dutschke insists he had nothing to do with a ricin-letter plot against President Obama and other officials for which a Corinth man is under investigation.

“I categorically deny it,” he told the Daily Journal about 4:15 p.m., a few hours after a break in a federal court proceeding to present evidence against Kevin Curtis.

“I met the guy on two occasions,” Dutschke said in a telephone conversation. “I wasn’t going to be pulled into his fantasy world.”

He did, however, admit he met with the FBI last Thursday, saying agents came to his house and he gave them permission to search it

UPDATE IV:  We found an entry on a blog called Bullshido.net where a commenter using the handle KC Live leaves a long entry on a thread about the arrest of J. Everett Dutschke. The comment contains a bit of a history of what went on between Kevin Curtis, Jack Curtis Jr. and Dutschke. In the denial we posted earlier from Dutschke, there was the claim  Dutschke had a run in with Kevin Curtis’ brother, Jack Jr. but not with Kevin himself. This comment we see KC Live leave below touches on that, but seems to point to Dutschke having issues with Kevin Curtis as well as the brother. KC Live also mentions he planned to make himself available to the prosecution in relation to Dutschke’s current pending charges. See the section in bold below for the direct quote regarding becoming a witness.

This is the text in it’s entirety below; emphasis added in one section. Screen shots are here and here.

K C Live

Join Date Mar 2013

Location Tupelo, Mississippi, United States

Posted On: 3/08/2013 5:29am

James E. Dutschke worked for my older brother in the insurance business for a few years. In those years (2006-2009) he violated rules of conduct, visited my telemarketing office, spoke with various telemarketers (which no agent had EVER done before) & began stalking me on and offline. From a waitress at Applebee’s in Tupelo to a 17 year old former martial arts student in South Carolina (Alex H) this man slandered & trashed my name to countless people. I eventually called him on the phone & asked him to meet me outside the taekwondo plus building in Tupelo. he became nervous, began to stutter on the phone and hung up on me. I simply asked for a “meeting”. He took it as “threatening” turned around & emailed me cursing me calling me all kinds of childish names. I went to an attorney about this man & his years of trolling/stalking but was told I had to have “PROOF”. So, I set up a trap online. Only a person(s) who had an evil hidden agenda would take the bait and James Everett Dutschke took the bait within 24 hours. He immediately began to slander me and make up all kinds of lies (thinking I was a tall slender blue eyed blond attorney working in Alabama) He even went as far as to call ever attorney in the phone book with the name I used…I had MORE than enough PROOF to bust him so back to the attorney I went. My attorney called a meeting with Mr. Dutschke & guess what? I Never heard from this man again. It was a few months later that he sent me an email saying “Check out the “Robo Drum” with “Dusty”! LOL I almost fell out of my seat when I saw he was promoting himself as a “National touring blues act” ..making his own guitars…using an electric “Boss” beat box (what blues band would EVER do this)? and was on the charts, selling out CD’s in walmarts all over the world..OMG…the list goes on and on and on. While it is true Mr. Dutschke is highly intelligent (so was/is Charles Manson) he has chosen to use his skills and talents for evil purposes. (my opinion) I’m so thankful I live in a country where I can state my own opinion on forums like this one as I am only here to educate & inform. I will never break any of the rules and/or violate codes of conduct on this forum = RESPECT. I am open to communicate with anyone who may have info on this individual James E. Dutschke. It will be interesting to see how the trials unfold & I plan to offer myself as a rebuttal witness (after the fact) as I saved all his emails, recorded telephone call & my meeting with him at Barnhills in Tupelo where I confronted him challenging him to interview me and/or print a story I had for his so-called newspaper he claimed to be Owner/publisher.…so..let’s re-count…He sells insurance (worked for my brother) TRUE….He taught taekwondo in tupelo..TRUE…He published a free newspaper….(Not verified)….He ran for district 16 in the Republican Party in Tupelo…TRUE..LOST………..he is a blues musician who travels the world and has sold all his cd’s for $7.99……NOT VERIFIED…….and now…He is arrested on “2” counts of CHILD MOLESTATION…((((TRUE)))) I wonder how “MENSA” High IQ board will handle having a person like this on their team??? Time will tell. I spoke to my wife & mother of my 4 children last night..she said he would ask her questions about me at work and the last time she saw him, he asked “What was it like being married to Kevin”? Why would a man relocated from Carolina, get a job with my brother, be placed in my ex wife’s unit (she was manager) and began asking personal questions & trolling everything I have online daily? (Yes..I have/had a TRACKER on all my websites which told me who and how many times a person visited my page (mama didn’t raise no fool) lol Glad to be a part of this forum & again..Not here to cause waves or stir the pot..just simply to inform, educated, become more educated myself & share with others of interest. God bless. This is KC & I approve this message. TCB

Also, Kevin Curtis just happened to tweet out a video made by Dutschke on March 11:

UPDATE V: Curtis and Dutschke have Senator Wicker in Common. From Dutschke’s My Space Page:

Senator Thad Cochran (yellow tie) meets with the Republican delegates

Senator Wicker begins his campaign

Tall guy-Senator Nunnellee. Red tie-Sen. Roger Wicker

Senator Wicker and I with an award presentation.

There are many more photos with names you would know like Governor Barbour, Trent Lott and Mike Huckabee. Start here.

Dutschke apparently has twice run for public office in Mississippi. In 2007, he challenged Democratic incumbent Steve Holland for a seat in the state House of Representatives as a Republican and lost. In 2008, he made a bid for Lee County election commissioner as a Democrat and lost.

UPDATE VI:  Rolling feed from Djournal.com Northeast Mississippi News  ” 8:38 p.m.-Members of the National Guard are currently crawling under and through culverts along Veterans Boulevard and into Canal Street in Tupelo searching for something. It’s near Dutschke’s neighborhood near home.  “News feed can be found here

4/24/13 – THANK YOU to The Blaze for linking.

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