Ricin Letters Update: Dutschke Evaded the FBI

More information became public on May 17th regarding the case against Ricin letter suspect James Everett Dutschke.  According to documents filed in District Court, the records of three cell phones that belong to Dutschke and his wife are being looked into.  It appears this is in response to the evasive actions taken by Dutschke between April 24 and April 25 to elude the FBI  prior to his arrest on April 27.

In the early hours of the 24th while under surveillance, the FBI observed Dutschke and his wife visiting two separate banks withdrawing cash from both at 3:30 am.  Upon returning to their residence, Dutschke got out of his van and waved to the agents.  However, while the agents moved their vehicles to reposition them, Dutschke had jumped back into his van and left the scene.  His movements and actions were unaccounted for the next 12 hours. The van was later found at Dutschke’s martial arts studio later the next afternoon.

Approximately at 8:00pm on the 24th, Dutschke was observed getting into the truck owned by Kirk Kitchens  – a friend of Dutschke’s. Dutschke crouched in the back seat and, according to WTVA and the Djournal, he then covered himself with blankets.  Kitchens then drove around for two hours taking “evasive routes”, according to court records. The pair drove only 22 miles outside of Tupelo to Kitchens parent’s home near Mantachie.  Agents state that they never saw Dutschke leave that home.  However, according to the Djournal,  “Kitchens helped him slip out the back door, through the woods and to a rendezvous point where someone else picked him up.” His movements until later in the afternoon have yet to be accounted for.

Records indicate that James Dutschke was located in Ashland, Mississippi at 1:45 pm on April 25, some 70 miles away.  It is not known at the present time who drove him to this location.  When Kirk Kitchens was asked about the incident he said, “I just helped him get out of the spotlight,” – Source DJournal.

Where was Dutschke  during this unaccounted for time? Who was the mystery person that he met in the woods?  Could this be the connection to the two sets of DNA that were found on the dust mask?  Updates will be posted as they come in.

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    the fabric of our society are getting frayed by random acts of terrorism. the climate of our society is increasing the velocity of violence planned by terrorist minded people. nobody is given the power to be judge/jury/executioner based on their personal belief it’s their right thing to do. we need to study the patterns and history of anarchists from the history of countries. anrarchists communicate their point of view with bombs to get attention. DON’T THREAD ON ME


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