It Was “Elementary”, Mr. Curtis.

On April 17th I became embroiled in a mystery that turned out to be something out of a Sherlock Holmes Novel.  Multiple letters all signed with the same moniker and the same two initials each time – “KC”. Out of sheer curiosity, I began to track down the alleged “Ricin letter” suspect and managed to zero in on him hours prior to his arrest…and I did it all on the internet.

What I found on Mr. Curtis was nothing short of an orgy of evidence and information.   It became obvious to me this individual must be the suspect the FBI was looking for, actually in hindsight, it was painfully obvious.  All the links were there.

  1. I had the quote, “This is KC and I approve of this message”, in multitudes of postings that bore it or similar versions of it.
  2. I had the connection between Kevin Curtis and Senator Wicker.
  3. There was the added bonus of Curtis being a professed conspiracy theorist and a he displayed a bit of a persecution complex at times.
  4. Curtis had various legal dealings and issues.

It was simply wrapped up in a neat little package.  Too neatly wrapped up, perhaps.  What I didn’t have, however, was Mr. Curtis’s any inkling that there was someone out there who might wish to frame him. According to Jack Curtis, Jr., Kevin Curtis is bi-polar. If Curtis spouted ‘frame-up’, who would be really listening?

This turned out to be more obvious when Paul Kevin Curtis was released from custody on April 23rd, and a name was dropped.  Curtis and his attorney pointed the finger at one  J. Everett Dutschke.  So, the plot thickens. I would like to bring your attention to a quote that keeps popping to mind,

‘…when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’  – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes

How are these two men connected and what would finally drive someone to frame another for a high crime, such as producing a biological weapon and sending it to the President of the United States?  I will speculate on the catalyst, but not the timeline:

2005:  James Everett Dutschke and Paul Kevin Curtis meet.  They share common interests in music and martial arts.

2006-2009:  James Everett Dutschke worked for the brother of Paul Kevin Curtis. Jack Curtis who owns a Tupelo Insurance Agency. Sometime during these years,  Curtis asks Dutschke if he would publish a book that he had written titled “Missing Pieces” a story about what Curtis considers an underground market to sell body parts.   At this time, Curtis is under the impression that Dutschke owned a news paper and expressed interest in the story. Dutschke decides not to publish the material and the bad blood begins.

2006: Dutschke, in a blog posting, accuses Steve Holland of stealing millions from tax payers. A quote from the Magnolian GOP:It looks like $55 million has been pocketed by everyone but the taxpayers of Mississippi, and Boss Holland gets to laugh all the way to the bank.” Dutschke decides to run against Steve Holland in the next election

2007: Dutschke unsuccessfully challenged Democratic incumbent Steve Holland for a seat in the state House of Representatives as a Republican. Jack Curtis even contributes to Dutschke campaign. Note: In 2008, he made a bid for Lee County election commissioner as a Democrat and lost.

2007:  At a rally in Verona, Dutschke delivers what some would say a “militant” style speech with personal and professional attacks on Steve Holland according to Brandon Presley, Mississippi’s northern district public service commissioner. Addressed in the same article by the AP, is an alleged chastising Dutschke received from Judge Sadie Holland that day regarding the harsh tone taken against her son.  During this same time period Paul Kevin Curtis pen’s an article in the RipOff Report.  At this time Curtis and Dutschke have not yet started their feuding, so it is conceivable that Dutschke is aware of Curtis claim against the NMMC and his alleged whistle blower status.

2009-2010: We only have Kevin Curtis’s and Dutschke’s public comments to go on regarding the brewing feud between the two of them.  According to the Djournal– Both Curtis and Dutschke have acknowledged an argument over Curtis posting a Mensa membership certificate on his MySpace page. Curtis claimed to have posted the certificate because he knew it would upset Dutschke, who he believed to be reading his online profiles under an alias. “It’s a simple act I did to prove he was stalking me,” Curtis said.  During this period, Curtis claims that Dutschke is causing him to lose gigs, and has received harassing emails and social media posts.

June 2010: Dutschke said  they had an email exchange regarding a Mensa certificate Curtis posted on a social networking page. He said he believed Curtis’ certificate was fake and emailed him to remove the certificate immediately. Curtis said the two agreed to meet at one point to face off in person, but Dutschke didn’t show up. From the Djournal:

“The last email I got from him, was, ‘Come back tomorrow at 7 and the results of you being splattered all over the pavement will be public for the world to see what a blank, blank, blank you are.’ And then at that point, I knew I was dealing with a coward,” Curtis said.

According to Dutschke:

Last time we had any contact with each other was at some point in 2010 when I threatened to sue him for fraud for posting a Mensa certificate that is a lie. He is not a Mensa member. That certificate is a lie.”

January 2013: J. Everette Dutschke is arrested on charges of child molestation.  He is accused of fondling 3 girls under the age of sixteen. Youngest reported was 7.

A more thorough run down of James Everett Dutschke and his online presence can be found in our previous article: Elvis Has Left The Building.

So, we have the basic timeline of events between Curtis and Dutschke.  All of these separate incidents don’t seem to add up to much until you take into consideration the Posting KC Live made on site called, where in essence Curtis was calling Dutschke on the carpet. This posting at Bullshido was done four weeks prior to the Ricin letters being sent, emphasis added:

K C Live

Join Date Mar 2013

Location Tupelo, Mississippi, United States

Posted On: 3/08/2013 5:29am

James E. Dutschke worked for my older brother in the insurance business for a few years. In those years (2006-2009) he violated rules of conduct, visited my telemarketing office, spoke with various telemarketers (which no agent had EVER done before) & began stalking me on and offline. From a waitress at Applebee’s in Tupelo to a 17 year old former martial arts student in South Carolina (Alex H) this man slandered & trashed my name to countless people. I eventually called him on the phone & asked him to meet me outside the taekwondo plus building in Tupelo. he became nervous, began to stutter on the phone and hung up on me. I simply asked for a “meeting”. He took it as “threatening” turned around & emailed me cursing me calling me all kinds of childish names. I went to an attorney about this man & his years of trolling/stalking but was told I had to have “PROOF”. So, I set up a trap online. Only a person(s) who had an evil hidden agenda would take the bait and James Everett Dutschke took the bait within 24 hours. He immediately began to slander me and make up all kinds of lies (thinking I was a tall slender blue eyed blond attorney working in Alabama) He even went as far as to call ever attorney in the phone book with the name I used…I had MORE than enough PROOF to bust him so back to the attorney I went. My attorney called a meeting with Mr. Dutschke & guess what? I Never heard from this man again. It was a few months later that he sent me an email saying “Check out the “Robo Drum” with “Dusty”! LOL I almost fell out of my seat when I saw he was promoting himself as a “National touring blues act” ..making his own guitars…using an electric “Boss” beat box (what blues band would EVER do this)? and was on the charts, selling out CD’s in walmarts all over the world..OMG…the list goes on and on and on. While it is true Mr. Dutschke is highly intelligent (so was/is Charles Manson) he has chosen to use his skills and talents for evil purposes. (my opinion) I’m so thankful I live in a country where I can state my own opinion on forums like this one as I am only here to educate & inform. I will never break any of the rules and/or violate codes of conduct on this forum = RESPECT. I am open to communicate with anyone who may have info on this individual James E. Dutschke. It will be interesting to see how the trials unfold & I plan to offer myself as a rebuttal witness (after the fact) as I saved all his emails, recorded telephone call & my meeting with him at Barnhills in Tupelo where I confronted him challenging him to interview me and/or print a story I had for his so-called newspaper he claimed to be Owner/publisher.…so..let’s re-count…He sells insurance (worked for my brother) TRUE….He taught taekwondo in tupelo..TRUE…He published a free newspaper….(Not verified)….He ran for district 16 in the Republican Party in Tupelo…TRUE..LOST………..he is a blues musician who travels the world and has sold all his cd’s for $7.99……NOT VERIFIED…….and now…He is arrested on “2″ counts of CHILD MOLESTATION…((((TRUE)))) I wonder how “MENSA” High IQ board will handle having a person like this on their team??? Time will tell. I spoke to my wife & mother of my 4 children last night..she said he would ask her questions about me at work and the last time she saw him, he asked “What was it like being married to Kevin”? Why would a man relocated from Carolina, get a job with my brother, be placed in my ex wife’s unit (she was manager) and began asking personal questions & trolling everything I have online daily? (Yes..I have/had a TRACKER on all my websites which told me who and how many times a person visited my page (mama didn’t raise no fool) lol Glad to be a part of this forum & again..Not here to cause waves or stir the pot..just simply to inform, educated, become more educated myself & share with others of interest. God bless. This is KC & I approve this message. TCB

What Paul Kevin Curtis did not know, or perhaps didn’t take into consideration, is that his profile information was out there for all to see. Given the fact that J. Everette Dutschke (dustypma) at one time was also a member of the Bullshido forum, it was a good bet he saw the posting along with the now infamous “This is KC & I approve this message”.

It is my opinion that this posting may well have been the catalyst for Dutschke, who quite possibly was in the process of losing everything.  His business, his reputation, and his freedom.  Now, this really is speculation on my part.  I can’t know what is in the mind of another.  However, can I say this is a cautionary tale for those placing their worlds out on to the stage of social media for all to see?  We all run that risk of someone using our words against us.  However,  for Paul Kevin Curtis, A self-described conspiracy theorist, who once said people were following him in Tupelo, I would say it’s elementary…you probably were right.

Possibly a related side note: A little story out of Alabama.  Federal, state and local officials on Wednesday were investigating letters received by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office and a police chief in southern Alabama received on April 11th. According to  the description of what was in the one of the letters was this:

“It doesn’t refer to a person. It doesn’t threaten anybody,”   The letter seemed to come from a person who is “convinced there’s bad things happening in the government and trying to spread word of it.”

No further information can be found on these letters, however, both Curtis and Dutschke have connections in Alabama.  The letters were also received in the same time frame as those sent to Senator Wicker, Judge Holland and President Obama.

Also of note, I reached out to Kevin Curtis for comment. At the time of this posting, I have not yet received a reply. When and if one comes, I will report back on what he had to say.

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