New Indictment Against James E. Dutschke for Second Frame Attempt

A new indictment was issued by a Mississippi Federal Grand Jury against James E. Dutschke.  In a second attempt to further frame Paul Kevin Curtis.  This new twist is that Dutschke did this from his jail cell.

From  WTVA:   Dutschke attempted to have other people acquire the ingredients, tools and implements to produce ricin and then put it into an envelope and mailed to U. S. Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi.
The indictment says the envelope was to contain a note that would make it appear the note was sent by Kevin Curtis.

It goes on to show the alleged note that was to be placed in the envelope in order to exonerate Dutschke and further frame Mr. Curtis:

“It doesn’t matter the Fife types have the wrong one. D. had to be sacrificed to show the corruption in the system.  I tried to warn you.  Ha.   K”

Paul Kevin Curtis’s attorney, Christi McCoy had this to say according to the AP/Daily News:

“Wow, I’m glad he’s in jail because that’s where he needs to be. He’s a threat to a lot of people”

Paul Kevin Curtis currently has a lawsuit filed against James E. Dutschke.

Updates to follow in this very bizarre case.  For further history on the investigation please see the links below:

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