RICIN UPDATE: Affidavit Released; Evidence of Ricin Confirmed

In an 8 page federal affidavit released just hours ago  it confirmed that items found at the Martial arts studio owned by James Everett Dutschke tested positive for the presence of Ricin.  The affidavit also states the full note as it appeared in the envelopes to President Obama and Senator Wicker:

No one wanted to listen to me before.
There are still ‘Missing Pieces’
Maybe I have your attention now
Even if that means someone must die.
This must stop.
To see a wrong and not expose it,
is to become a silent partner to its continuance
I am KC and I approve this message


According the affidavit, and the Djournal report, a January search of Dutschke’s computer by local law enforcement revealed the following (part 22 of the complaint):

‘on Dec. 31, ‘someone downloaded a publication, “Standard Operating Procedure for Ricin,” and two hours later downloaded “Immunochromotography Detection of Ricin in Environmental and Biological Samples”‘.

This search of his computer was conducted after his January arrest on molestation charges and the laptop was searched with Dutschke’s consent.

Dutschke  was also observed tossing  items in to a garbage bin outside of his martial arts studio; a box for a Black & Decker Smart coffee grinder, dust mask, and latex gloves. All the items tested positive for the presence of  Ricin.

Furthermore, records were obtained showing Dutschke ordered 50 red Castor bean seeds through Ebay on or about November 17, 2012 via PayPal and a second order on or about December 1, 2012.

NOTE:  Something Lady Liberty and I did not have in our initial investigation into this case was the full note sent to President Obama and Senator Wicker. The full note makes mention of ‘missing pieces’, which is the title of the book Kevin Curtis had written and which at one point had asked James Dutschke to publish. As bizarre as this case has been, even more bizarre is it looks like Paul Kevin Curtis was the subject of an elaborate frame up in some kind of petty feud.


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