Kevin Curtis Files Lawsuit Against James Dutschke

On September 25, a lawsuit was filed in Alcorn County Circuit Court in Mississippi by Paul Kevin Curtis against James E. Dutschke.

The lawsuit seeks damages in an amount to be determined by a jury citing,

“Dutschke’s actions caused Curtis to lose income in that once he was arrested and portrayed as a terrorist and a criminal he was no longer marketable in his chosen field,”

In an interview to the Clarion Ledger, Christie McCoy, attorney for Mr. Curtis stated Thursday that the Government was responsible for Mr. Curtis’s arrest, but that ultimately Dutschke was the one who

put the wheels in motion,and that this does not in any way negate the responsibility of the government,” she said.

James Dutschke is currently being held with out bond and awaiting trial.  The current date for his next appearance in court is October 7th, 2013.  However a delay has been sought by Dutschke’s new attorney Ken Coghlan after His two court appointed Defense attorney’s excused themselves from the case earlier this month citing a conflict of interest.

I have reached out to Mr. Curtis for comment and will update as more information becomes known.


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