NC NAACP’s Rev. Barber Engages In #ShutUppery PT 2

Hey, remember when I posted that article on Reverend Barber engaging in meaningful dialogue at a “press conference” with Betsy Meads, the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in Pasquotank County? Come on, you remember — Reverend Barber was telling the crowd how “We’re not gonna just shoot one bullet, we’re gonna shoot ‘em all.”

Well, I commented on the related  video on YouTube and a funny thing happened. More #ShutUppery! This was special #ShutUppery though. I got into a little tit-for-tat with a young man named Eric Preston. After a few exchanges, a comment was removed before I could reply to it.  A new reply was waiting from Mr. Preston:

As you note from that comment, we’ve clearly reached the beginning of the ad hominem attack stage of an online forum debate. That’s not the funny part though. What’s hilarious about this comment is that I get all comment replies emailed to me. How about that removed one? Yeah, I got that one too.



The young man arguing with me on YouTube about what is or is not a press conference doesn’t see what is so hilarious about him also being the curator of Barber’s YouTube account.

Now I’m getting private messages in my inbox on YouTube — because SHUT UP, IT’S  A PRESS CONFERENCE… or something. Too bad Google didn’t think so. Not a single local new outlet had a story pop up.

I suspected him as running or having access to that account. Now I’ve got it in writing. Thanks!

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