Councilwoman Shocked A Cop Attended Moral Monday Undercover

Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin is apparently upset that an undercover policeman was sent into Moral Monday to determine how many were planning to be arrested.

Given that Moral Monday is basically made up of every Leftist outfit in North Carolina, including Occupy, I’m shocked they only sent one.

What’s kind of funny in a lack of self-awareness way is that this ‘distress’ comes from Baldwin, who let her dog pee on the North Carolina General Assembly in a demonstration of Liberal ‘New Tone’ earlier this year:

Democrats and their ‘New Tone’ –  Elevating the discourse to new highs and sad lows, like pets peeing on public buildings like an occupier.

Case in point, Mary-Ann Baldwin, Raleigh Councilwoman. She decided it would ‘send a message’ to the GOP in NC if she took a picture of her dog peeing on one of the pillars at the North Carolina General Assembly and then post it on Facebook.

Upon checking her Facebook page, the photo is not there anymore or at least an unfriended user can’t see it.  If it was Tweeted, that’s been deleted as well.  From the looks of it, the message Baldwin sent went from ‘Dog Pee’ to ‘Retreat’.

It’s alright, WBTW has it memorialized:

Baldwin Dog Pee Protest - NCGA

Read the rest here.

Shameful, not to mention pretty gross.

We all know what new tone looks like from Moral Monday. Ms. Baldwin might have been a groundbreaker for them.


Lee Brett over at Civitas has an excellent piece up right now calling out the media on their biased coverage: The Circus Goes On: ‘Moral Mondays’ and the Media

The media here in NC can’t be bothered to dig below the surface, they might not like what they find. Just take Carl Gibson for example, he is a professional protester who goes around the country getting arrested and has ties to Occupy and Unions — the N&O actually photographed his arrest, yet blew off looking into him.

072213 MoMo Video - Carl Gibson Arrest


Read more about Carl Gibson. Related story: Occupy 2.0: Chicago ALEC Protests Have Moral Monday Ties

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