My “CHAT” With An Obamacare Navigator….

My current insurance ends on December 31st and I’m not sure what insurance program I can or will be on.  October 1st I went on to the Health Care Exchange site to “see what was in it”.  (Kinda like Nancy Pelosi, but not).

Like the majority of Americans I ran into the “Please Be Patient”, and “We are experiencing a lot of Traffic” page.  I couldn’t even get to the site to create a profile for my login.

It wasn’t until 11:30 pm that night I finally broke through the glitches and exhaustive wait time to accomplish my task of creating my user profile so I could then check out what the A.C.A. had to offer.

After the steps of providing my email, creating a username, password, and setting up security questions I received an email back after midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 2nd stating:

Your Marketplace account has been created. There is one more step left before you can use your account. Click on this link to verify your email address

I clicked on the link provided and was sent to the Log In screen, typed in my username and password and waited.  Nothing.  I tried this again twice a day every day until this morning.  I went on to the exchange site, got to the log in screen and the system did not recognize my username nor password and prompted me to start over.

Right at about that point I was not happy, nor in the mood to fight it; so I started over.  Then I was notified that the email used is already in the system.  I will not repeat the expletives yelled at my computer.

My last-ditch effort was to open the “Live Chat” function on the screen and speak to one of the Navigators.  Here is what transpired over the 12-minute conversation.

Yes, Chris seems pleasant for an online Navigator and frankly I am happy about the disclaimer about not giving out personal information.

Peak hours?  What would the time zone be for “peak”?

But I thought it was because of high traffic?  Well, here comes the honesty.  Something we have known since last Tuesday.

There you have it. “We currently don’t have a time that the site will be fully working”    

I can give a summary of what I know currently and what time it will happen:

I will be losing my insurance at the end of the year.  I don’t know what is available in the A.C.A. exchange for my state and it appears that HealthCare.Gov has eaten my user profile.  Since this seems to be the current state of Obamacare I am sure updates will follow as they come, that is if I can ever get logged in.


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8 Responses to My “CHAT” With An Obamacare Navigator….

  1. PamB says:

    Have to love software – and specs and talent. Thinking the specs for this entire project was faulty. yeah we can tell.


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      This Techno-disaster is on full display. If your one of the lucky one’s, and that number is small, then your hit with sticker shock. Hope and Change.


  2. So, just wondering out loud… If one was to loose their health insurance at the end of the year and Obamacareless is scrapped could one see a conspiracy by the Insurance industry to jack up premiums by getting people off insurance and having them return with all sorts of preexisting conditions, like, oh I don’t know, older than when you originally took out the insurance coverage?
    (not a serious thought but the way this admin is running the show I would thing the rediculous is the new reasonable)


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      Conspiracy a side, Thomas it has always been a Progressive idea of a Single Payer System, Harry Reid has said as much recently in the media. If the ACA fails, which I feel it will, I fear that is where we will be heading.


  3. bzmomo6 says:

    This is how it will be when you want an appointment, a referral, an authorization for care, a question about your bill…. How can anyone think this is a good idea! I just don’t get it! The government messes up everything it touches – I certainly don’t want it in charge of my health care!


  4. squirrelingdervish says:

    Glad I have insurance with Mike’s company or I would be fucked ( pardon my language)


  5. Christine says:

    Same thing happened to me last Tuesday when i “created ” my account. Doesnt recognize my user name or password. Had to start all over again…….which i didn’t. I called the 800 number for help and was connected to Sabrina who then gave me a local number and hung up on me. A week later. …..still unable to get through online or by phone. Yay.


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