MoMoMo: The Moral Monday Concert Series

Moral Mondays have vacated the NC General Assembly grounds in search of a new venue to whine to and whine they did – or rather sing. Singing, I use that term loosely here, is what took up the bulk of the rally. Perhaps they were lacking in the speaker department. They did manage to dig up a gentleman named Bacilio Castro who spoke only Spanish and had to have his speech translated. Funny thing, I think I’ve seen him before at another event and he spoke English then.

By the way, one of the speakers was Mark Case. Mark is the President of the Western North Carolina Labor Council (WNCLC). You know the WNCLC better as the AFL-CIO.  Wouldn’t be too hard for Case to round-up a bunch of folks to attend a rally he was speaking at, now would it? The WNCLC is located at 45 Sardis Road, Asheville, NC 28806. That’s just a hop, skip and 8 mile jump away.

Anyhoo…Back to the singing. Classic songs were bastardized with social justice lyrics and  refrains of “we shall not be moved” that began to resemble Chinese water torture.  Dear Moral Mondays, the 1906’s called — they said ‘Dear God… STOP IT.’

This is a shot of the venue the rally was held at, Pack Square Park.

This is what their local media was saying fit in that venue:

10,000? Pardon me for a moment but… HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! You’ll excuse me if I’m skeptical. After all, they held a dozen of these things in Raleigh and the largest they had there was 3,500-ish.

The Citizen Times of Asheville originally estimated 5,000. WLOS weighed in with 6,500 and the over-used intro of ‘biggest crowd ever’. I have a call in to the Asheville Police department to confirm this. I will update when I get the reply. UPDATE: APD said they told media ‘somewhere between 5,500 and 6,500’. Media ran with 6,500.

The best part of the WLOS story was this:

Republican State Senator Tom Apodaca released this statement to News 13 about today’s Rally:

“America is a great country and democracy is a wonderful system. Every citizen can support or oppose those policies by making their voices heard. I encourage the protesters to stay cool in this heat and spend lots of money in downtown Asheville.”


Barber railed on about Voter Rights and made an open threat to Apodaca about putting up a fight. Barber never wastes an opportunity to stoke fears about the voter law enacted. Bear in mind, Barber is big on theatrics and shamefully made the false comparison of Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till. I encourage everyone to read the actual bill here: House Bill 589 Information/History (2013-2014 Session) – VoterID

WLOS’ story also repeated the incorrect 170,000 unemployment figure.

Over-exaggeration of crowd size by attendees is pretty common and I noted as much in the July 29th edition.  For what it’s worth, the Citizens Times of Asheville did not disclose they had a reporter of theirs who participated followed protesters in a past Moral Monday held June 24th. Hey, that’s activist journalism these days, right? There’s more slobbering of  liberal local media with a 5 page article at the Black Mountain News.

I decided not to count on local media or the typical over-zealous Moral Monday tweeters and found an active webcam of the park. Funnily enough, the crowd didn’t look like 10,000 for the hour and a half or so I took screen shots off.  I began around 5pm and ended around 6:18ish. The crowd level really didn’t change much at all. The webcam handily had a running clock on it, so I kept it in the screenshots as verification. You can view the entire slide show of screenshots with multiple angles of the venue here.

Stage shot at 5pm:

And again at 6:21pm:

This was a shot of the crowd from the stage:

Highlights From Twitter

More Articles on ‘Moral Monday from LL1885 here.


Apparently, the Moral Monday crowd didn’t want to actually hear from NCGA representatives. Well, at least one, who was blocked from speaking:

Thank you to Carolina Plott Hound for linking!


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  1. Buncombe County Young Republicans says:

    VIDEO: Moral Monday protestors sign fake petition to bring education spending back to most recent Democratic levels; thereby reducing IT by $500 million.


  2. I think they count their shadows, three more glorious years of this. I predict the crowds get thinner and Barber doesn’t.


  3. Dear Moral Mondays, the 1906′s called — they said ‘Dear God… STOP IT.’



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