NC Dem Meltdown Update: Now In Costume

Yesterday I highlighted the ongoing Democrat and Liberal Meltdown here in North Carolina brought on by changes to legislation being made by the Republican majority General Assembly.

The list included a variety of increasing instances of ‘new tone‘ and just downright crudeness.  I also mentioned that Planned Parenthood in NC was pushing for protests and action against HB 730 and greatly misrepresented what the bill really said.  Sister Toldjah elaborates on the misrepresentation and feminist freak out that went on:

It’s sorta like the Sandra Fluke manufactured “controversy” over “access” to birth control mixing with the religious exemptions issue – except on a local scale, with narcissistic North Carolina “feminists” in the starring role(s).  Via the Raleigh News and Observer:

RALEIGH — A bill allowing private employers to refuse to cover contraception in their health insurance plans cleared a House committee Wednesday morning and is headed for a vote of the full chamber.

The legislation would also prohibit coverage for abortions in the new state health insurance exchange that is part of the federal Affordable Care Act, and through the plans cities and counties offer their workers. It also says any health-care provider can refuse to participate in abortions; current law protects doctors and nurses.

The bill is off to a rocky start, as Republicans in a House judiciary committee were not unified in supporting it. Rep. Bob Steinburg, a freshman Republican from Edenton who described himself as a hardcore abortion opponent, said he would only support the bill if the prohibition on contraception coverage was removed.

“It’s almost like we’re stepping back in time,” Steinburg said. “To suggest in the 21st century that women would be prevented from having access to birth control – even as far to the right as I am – is going off the cliff. This is going too far.”

Wellllll, I hope Steinburg’s constituents give him a piece of their mind on his  feminist-themed criticism, which greatly misrepresented what the bill actually called for – giving employers the right to EXCLUDE from their health care insurance plans coverage for BC purchases (and abortions). It did not “restrict access.”  It just changed who pays for it – not the insurer, but YOU. A self-described staunch pro-lifer shouldn’t be using left wing talking points to advance his argument one way or the other.  Perhaps Rep. Steinburg is confused. I dunno.

Indeed. Read the whole thing. The summary and conclusions are pretty spot on.Don’t miss the portion on Rev. Emma Akpan and the commentary Sister Toldjah provides. Nailed it!

Those protesting certainly tried to turn a mole hill into a mountain. WRAL this morning echoed a bit of the foot-stamping:

CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION: Wednesday morning, the House Judiciary A Committee passed a measure that would have allowed virtually any employer to limit contraception coverage in their employee health plans. Currently, only employers with certain religious affiliations can make such exceptions.

Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, lawmakers stripped the contraception provision out of the bill when it was heard on the House floor. The measure still makes several changes to abortion-related laws. Among the changes, cities and counties would not be able to offer health plans to their employees with abortion coverage. And health plans created by the health exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act would similarly be unable to offer coverage for elective abortion procedures under the House bill. The measure must be debated and voted a final time today before it heads to the state Senate.

I think the changes here probably had less to do with protests and more to do with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina possibly interceding on grounds such changes would be burdensome to their business and entanglements with Obamacare.

Sister Toldjah also spotted some photos of the protesters that I spied myself on Huffington Post early this morning. Funnily enough, local media didn’t run with the picture – which was taken by Planned Parenthood, naturally. I can’t blame them, it’s fairly embarrassing and runs with the childish theme of recent protests:

Image via Huffington post; taken by Planned Parenthood NC

Image via Huffington Post; taken by Planned Parenthood NC

Snark Meter engaged: Really ladies? The get-ups alone are natural birth control. Yeesh.

Huffington Post also had this quote:

“We’re here to say to state legislators who want to turn the clock back to the 1950s: We like watching Mad Men — but we don’t want to live in it,” Paige Johnson, Vice President of Public Affairs for PPCNC, said in a statement on Wednesday. “Women’s preventive care — including birth control -– is basic health care. Politicians and bosses have no business denying women access to this basic health care. This shouldn’t be a revolutionary idea, but unfortunately it is to some.”

WRAL had this quote:

Even without the contraception measure, the measure still angers liberal health advocacy groups.

Thousands of our activists contacted their representatives over the last three days to tell them that women – not employers or politicians – have the right to control their health decisions, including whether to use birth control,” said Suzanne Buckley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. “We celebrate the defeat of this extreme, out-of-touch provision of HB 730 and turn our attention to the remaining provisions of HB 730 up for third reading tomorrow night.”

Shorter: My body, my choice…but my employer has to give it to me or else!! ANGRY!!

Once again we see the canard that someone is stopping these women from accessing or using birth control. Politicians are sending us back to the 50’s?  I sincerely get sick of women parading around yelling about how independent they are and it’s their body and choice, yet somehow it is up to someone else to make it happen for them. Maybe that is why Planned Parenthood’s 501(3)(c) has an ‘attack map‘ – someone else has to make it happen. No matter what.

Does it ever occur to these women that with Obamacare looming, that they are lucky their employer hasn’t done away with health benefits entirely or dropped them to part-time at which point the employer isn’t required to offer it?

The bill will be debated and voted on again today before going to the Senate. I wonder if these women will show up dressed as cave women next?

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