#Ricin Letters Update: Person of Interest Named

We’ve been following the latest batch of Ricin letters sent to various officials and this morning a person of interest has been named. The previous letters took various twists and turns ala a Lifetime Movie of the week style and we’ve theorized the message in the current set of letters could be seen as a little over the top.  While the last batch had an Elvis impersonator framed by a Wayne Newton impersonator, this one has an army vet and actress wife in a bat girl outfit:

Nathaniel Richardson of New Boston, Texas is now being looked at and his residence searched after his wife Shannon Guess, who IBD times is incorrectly reporting as Shannon Glass, contacted authorities Richardson is an army veteran based out of the Red River army depot. No arrest has been made yet.

Texarkana Gazette lays out a timeline. Here are the most recent key points:

Shannon Rogers Guess Richardson called law enforcement after finding the substance, suspected of being ricin. The couple’s home is in New Boston, about 25 miles west of Texarkana.

Updated 11:43 a.m. Federal officials have arrived at the home and asked the media to move back to make way for equipment. FBI and postal inspector officials are outside the home.

Updated 12:35 p.m. Shannon Richardson has been escorted into the Federal Courthouse in downtown Texarkana in the company of several FBI agent. Meanwhile in New Boston, the FBI’s hazardous materials response team has arrived at the Richardsons’ home. 

Updated 1:15 p.m. Black trucks and enclosed trailers, along with additional FBI officials, are arriving at the Richardsons’ home on Maple Street in New Boston.

Heavy.com has some more details on Richardson and his wife.

Keeping with the twist and turn theme of the last batch, Richardson is claiming his wife sent the Ricin. NY POST:

Investigators found castor beans — used to make ricin — in suspect Nathaniel Richardson’s car, but the 33-year-old Army veteran was allowed to leave a Texarkana federal courthouse because authorities don’t have enough evidence to hold him, sources said.

Richardson was grilled for hours after being arrested Thursday at Red River Army Depot, where he works, and is “still a suspect,” a source said.

But during questioning, Richardson insisted to the FBI that his pregnant wife, Shannon Rogers Guess, 36, hatched the diabolical plot, according to sources.

Both will be given polygraph tests, a source said.

Also, here comes the drama:

“He says they are going through a divorce and that she was away for a few days,” said one law-enforcement source. “He says it was when she got back that she found the [purported] ricin.”

The beans were bought with a credit card, according to a source.

Richardson allegedly told the FBI he does not use credit cards.

Agents escorted Guess into the courthouse, wearing tight jeans, platform shoes and a tight blue tank top that showed off her obviously pregnant belly.

Late Thursday, Guess had been with agents at the couple’s home as they carried out electronics and computers.

Richardson had not been on the feds’ radar until Guess called them, a source said.

So is Guess taking a page out of the Dutschke frame-up book to get back at Richardson? Time will tell.

Sidenote – She might not be a fan of the current administration from her Facebook page.

More updates to come.

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