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Occupy Monday’s First Day Back – Theatrical Flop (Images)

Occupy Monday came back for it’s first rally. The ‘Forward Together’ movement that its leaders claim is so popular and is sweeping the South had a mere hundred or so people show up according to footage shot by WRAL’s Sky Five.

Not much of a turn out for their big movement… Sky 5: Protesters march in downtown Raleigh http://t.co/AGct3Q9LPt #MoneyMonday #Theatrics

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) May 20, 2014

Much like their NCGA Welcoming committee, this turned out to be about the same size. The official media of Occupy Monday was there in epic style — Mark Binker and Laura Leslie from WRAL, that is. There’s video with their story. They spend a full seven minutes on what could be covered in one. Binker notes the lack of attendance and thinks it will pick up after Memorial day. Yeah, whatever.

The WRAL story headline is fun, “Monday Wrap: Many came but all were quiet”.

Why quiet? Because no Moral Monday would be complete without some kind of theatrics. They duct taped their mouths to protest new NC General Assembly building rules. No, I’m not kidding. Check out News and Record for a shot of one of them doing it. All that pot and pan banging has to stay outside. This change of course prompts Moral Monday protesters to scream, ‘I’m being repressed!!! but the rules before were too vague…’ or something.

Pete Kaliner explains: Continue reading

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A #ShutUppery Files Update

I noted Stacy McCain’s article yesterday, The #Shutuppery Files: ‘Twitter Gulag’ #StopRush Crew Joined Team Kimberlin. The main screenshot is of Melissa In DC @SubcultureStuff and thought I’d add an update relevant to that set of tweets:



Meanwhile in North Carolina, the #ShutUppery continues, however it’s not fairing very well. Greg Flynn and defender John Burns have been silent. Not so much silence from the “NCBlondes”. Last week Jeanne Bonds went on the Pete Kaliner show and was confronted with her online messaging and branding failures. Continue reading

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