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CCSSO President Elect Atkinson Tips Her Common Core Hand?

NC State Superintendent and CCSSO President Elect, June Atkinson, went on local politicalAtkinsonPresElect show NC SPIN to talk about “the move away” from Common Core. In the interview, the same talking points are recycled yet again. It was far easier to do with a host practically feeding her lines — It was almost embarrassing to watch.

Narratives of the interview:

Disruption and constant change
Money we’ve already spent/cost (see my note below the full video clip)
Hey, haven’t we heard these same narratives recently? Yep.

Atkinson’s remarks about “faith” in the State Board of Education take on new meaning — Did Dr. Atkinson just tip her hand? It looks like it, read more…. Continue reading

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The Hunt Institute and YouTube Common Core Ads

While poking around on YouTube, I happened across the an advertisement for the Common Core. It was sponsored by the Hunt Institute. I know, you’re shocked right?

Just a quick reminder, the Hunt Institute has received millions (nearly $11 million) from the Gates Foundation for supporting and promoting the Common Core.
The Hunt Institute is also holding hands with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in promoting the Core in North Carolina and have been from the very start. See the last line of the last page of this presentation made to the NC State Board of Education in 2010 by the NC Department of Public Instruction.
YouTube ads tailor themselves by pulling content relevant your IP address (and also browsing history), so it would appear this ad was in part intended to target North Carolina audiences. Still trying to reach the majority of people have never heard of ‘the greatest education reform’? A day late and a dollar short perhaps? NC’s about to repeal Common Core. Continue reading

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NCSBE Skit Is Core of Ridiculousness

How is the NC State Board of Ed dealing with the age and developmental inappropriateness of Common Core in the elementary grades? With a skit of Little Miss Muffett at their last meeting on April 1st. No, really. Continue reading

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