Radical Organize2020 members take over leadership of NCAE

The NCAE has new leadership and taking the top spots are some of the most radical members of Organize2020, the “Racial and Social Justice Caucus” of the NCAE.

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Law Firm conducting civil investigation into Guilford teacher arrested on sexual assault charges

A law firm has announced they are conducting a civil investigation involving a Guilford County Public Schools teacher who was arrested in March of this year for multiple counts of sexual assault of a student.

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WCPSS incapable of complying with State Board’s guidance for grading (UPDATED)

North Carolina’s largest school district can’t comply with the State Board of Education’s guidance on grading and will issue pass/fail grades for all students, and not just high schoolers, per a report by the News and Observer.

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NC DPI and UNC-TV to deliver programming for K-12 students

In a press release issued this afternoon, the NC Dept. of Public Instruction (NC DPI) and UNC-TV announced they are going to provide programming for “students in grades four through 12 designed to complement existing remote learning efforts from the state’s public schools.”

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Where was the emergency plan for school continuity?

Given that North Carolina is hit every so often with hurricanes and other natural disasters, one would think that state education officials would have an emergency or contingency plan if schools were closed. But they don’t.

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It’s Time We Stand Together

COVID-19 is a game-changer, ladies and gentlemen.

We are in uncharted waters as there are only a handful of people alive who experienced the last time a pandemic shut down the world.  Though their stories of survival are valuable, they were mere children in 1918, and we can no more relate to their life experiences then they can relate to ours.  The world has changed too drastically for the survivors of the Spanish flu to be a compass for direction, nor can they be the captains we need right now to inspire us to be strong and give us hope.

So here’s the deal…

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Links to help parents during NC school closures

covid 19 CORONAVIRUSWith the statewide closure of schools in North Carolina, parents have been hitting my inbox at a steady rate asking for resources, and informational links and help to keep their kids on target.

I’ve created a list of links to help.

This article will be continuously updated, so please come back and see what is new.

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