The likely origin of the “Diversity Inventory” given out at a #WCPSS school

An activity that is part of a larger blog post at the University of Southern California contains a nearly identical to that of the “Diversity Inventory” used by a Heritage High English teacher in Wake County Public Schools.

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2018-19 school scores show slight increases, state testing mostly stagnant or falling

School accountability and test results for 2018-19 were released earlier this month.
School A-F grades showed an increase in the number of low performing schools while End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) were yet again mainly stagnant or falling.

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Exclusive: Letter instructs #WCPSS teachers how not to violate student privacy with ‘Diversity’ lessons

On the heels of public outcry over highly controversial assignments asking deeply personal information from students, a letter penned by two Wake County Public Schools outlining the legal parameters for what teachers can and can’t include in “diversity” lessons was obtained exclusively by this website.

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#WCPSS Updates: Parents fuming over invasive social justice pushes

This installment of WCPSS Updates recaps several recent instances of inappropriate social justice activities that put student privacy at risk and have parents fuming. Parents are fed up and legal action may be on the horizon.

Also, information from the most recent board meeting and a long-overdue safety checkup for schools.

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“Circle Time” at Apex Middle School has students and parents upset

An activity at Apex Middle School which is tied to the controversial concept adopted by Wake County Schools called “social-emotional learning” or “SEL” has students and their parents upset.

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Pamlico Public Schools teacher charged with sex act with a student, indecent liberties

A Pamlico County Public Schools teacher has been charged by the Pamlico County Sheriff’s office with having sex with a student and for taking indecent liberties.

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Hurricane Dorian is gone, however, he left in his wake unprecedented devastation to the Bahamas, and catastrophic flooding in North Carolina.  Though updates are no longer needed, I’m including in this final post information on how to help the Bahamians and their struggles to recover.

In the mean time, I’m creating a separate site for future Hurricanes that hit the coastal United States. It will include evacuation lists, emergency numbers, shelters, flooding maps, social media accounts to follow for info, up to date weather, Govt links, news, live feeds, local emergency bulletins, maps, rescue and relief efforts, and information from others in the areas affected.  Stay prepared, Stay safe

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