Raleigh Private School Teacher Arrested On Peeping Charges

A teacher at the St. David’s School in Raleigh was arrested on peeping charges after allegedly being caught taking photographs up the skirt of a teen student.

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Former Catawba Teacher Pleads Guilty to Crime Against Nature, Plea Deal Means No Jail

A former Fred T. Foard High School teacher’s assistant pleaded guilty to two felony counts of committing a crime against nature, but his plea deal will keep him out of jail and off sex offender lists.

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Durham Charter To Hold Pride and Liberation Event Featuring Drag Queen Story Hour

The Central Park School for Children sent an email to staff this week announcing their first “Pride & Liberation Event” to be held on May 13th. The school will hold LGBTQ themed “mini-lessons” and activities in all K-8 classes during the week prior to the event.

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Special Edition #NCED Updates: WCPSS Is A Hot Mess

There is a lot going on in North Carolina education at the moment, but there needs to be a spotlight on the fact that the largest school district in the state, Wake County, is a flaming hot mess.

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WCPSS Office Of Diversity Affairs Openly Promotes SPLC-Tied “Social Justice Standards” (Updated)

Wake County Public Schools Office of Equity Affairs is openly promoting the use of “Social Justice Standards” produced by an offshoot of the civil rights advocates turned hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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