NC Board of Ed Member: Debating to stand for Pledge of Allegiance is a ‘Waste of Time’

North Carolina State Board of Education Member, Reginald Kenan, seems to think that having the debate of whether North Carolina school kids should stand or not for the Pledge of Allegiance is a ‘waste of time’.

Kenan, a Bev Perdue appointee,  appears to compare it to the national embarrassment of NFL players not standing for the National Anthem in his remarks.

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Cherokee Teacher Arrested On 5 Felony Counts Involving Sex Activity With A Student

A Cherokee Public Schools teacher has been arrested on five felony counts involving sexual activity with a student.

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Old and busted: Voucher families are racists. New hotness: Voucher families are religious freaks.

Old and busted: Voucher families are racists.
New hotness: Voucher families are religious freaks.

The disgusting and politically motivated attacks on School Choice families in North Carolina just keep on coming.

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NC Supt., NCGA Win Power Struggle Case Involving State Board of Education

The NC General Assembly and the NC Superintendent of Schools have chalked up a win in their bid to assign more power to the Superintendent for the running of the state’s schools, however, both sides seem to be declaring victory.

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NC Public School Forum’s Leader Shows His True Colors And It’s Not Pretty

Over the weekend, I spotted a nasty series of comments from the NC Public School Forum’s leader, Keith Poston, in an article by WBTV about a township charter school bill.

The Public School Forum is a 501(c)3 which receives public funds and Poston was paid close to $170k according to 2016 990 filings.

I took to Twitter, called Poston out on his vitriolic remarks and was treated to a response I’d have expected from my rising Second Grader. Poston showed his true colors and called me a “Troll.”

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