N&O Gives Party Who Booed God A Swipe At Lt. Governor on Religion

Joining the ranks of WRAL on the religious bigotry front is the News and Observer.

Earlier this week, the news outlet ran a ‘push back’ story about the NC Democrats who were triggered by comments made by the Lt. Governor at the Civitas Institute’s recent Conservative Leadership Conference in Raleigh.

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WRAL Tries Out Religious Smear On Lt. Governor. Response? SO WHAT.

Roy Cooper Defender Jim Goodmon has had his Capital Broadcasting minions trying to slime the Lt. Governor since last Fall in preparation for the 2020 North Carolina Governor’s race.

Last week, we saw more of the same from them, but first catch up on last Fall’s fake news from WRAL: Hypocrisy and Fake News Abound at WRAL

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Shocker: #WCPSS Board Wants MOAR MONEY

The Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS) Board wants MOAR MONEY.  I bet you’re all shocked by that one.

Nice of Superintendent Jim Merrill to take a powder and dump this flaming bag of poo onto interim Superintendent Del Burns – who by the way seems just fine with it.

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Dozens of Additional Charges for New Hanover Teacher After 7 New Victims Identified

A New Hanover County teacher already accused of dozens of sex-related crimes with minors, some of which were students, will have a slew of additional charges added after 7 new victims were identified this month.

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Cumberland Teacher Charged With Assault On Student

A Cumberland County teacher has been charged with assault on a student.

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