Supt. Ann Clark: Hey Illegals, Sure You Can Volunteer in #CMS Schools – #nced #ncga

Wait-whatSupt. Ann  Clark, who was installed when Heath Morrison was arguably forced to resign after sketchy activities started to surface, has made it clear she plans to bail after her current temporary term is up.

What started with Morrison is being carried out by Clark. She has given her blessing to letting illegal immigrants volunteer in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

Don’t expect to read opposing parental views in this article, WBTV didn’t bother. You can hit the comments though, where push back has begun.

WBTV reported; emphasis added:

People of Action North Carolina are pleased undocumented parents can now volunteer at their children’s school.

Before they couldn’t do much, because Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) District required a driver’s license and a social security number to have access to students.

The law now states a passport can be used as a government ID. Many believe that will make a difference.

“It means higher graduation rates,” Action NC Hector Vaca said. “It means higher grades because it means parents will be able to get more involved and actually be there for the kids in school.”

CMS Superintendent Ann Clark agrees. CMS has been working with parents to find solutions.

“Open up opportunities for parents to support teachers,” Clark said. “Copying paper, helping with bulletin boards,…helping with teacher appreciation.”

Passports are a compromise because they are easy to obtain.

“It’s a lot easier to be able to get a passport,” Vaca said. “Because it is offered by your home government.”

Action NC says it is pleased with parents being able to use passports but it wants more access.

“What we want is nothing less,” Vaca said. “Than full access for these parents. They are hardworking. They are honest.

Undocumented parents cannot be alone with students and are not allowed to go on field trips. Action NC is fighting for parents using their fingerprints to gain more access to their children’s school.

“Fingerprinting is actually more secure,” Vaca said. “It offers more security and opens up more doors for these parents, which means more parents will have the right to volunteer.”

They are honest.
Oh brother. So honest, that they are here in this country illegally, but at least they’re telling us that up front.  Got it.

A passport is acceptable?
That seems like a very specific claim and a safe bet this goes back to HB 318, the bill barring NC cities from adopting Sanctuary City status.

A sure way to begin the path of establishing a Sanctuary city is for the illegals to have their kids rooted in the schools of one. Arguably, what we see here is Ms. Clark engaging in politics using her student population and it’s disgusting.

So in order to gain more ‘parental involvement’, CMS is going to alienate current parental involvement. Make sense.

What about the background checks?
Every school in North Carolina I know of requires a background check on volunteers of ANY kind  and CMS is no different.  A passport from another country doesn’t cut it, sorry.

For a background check, one has to have a social security number and drivers license. Action NC wants to use fingerprints? Go for it . This will require a policy change, right? Did anyone even think this through? I can hardly wait to see how the thousands of irate parents react to having to be fingerprinted every single year and show up at the school board meeting when this comes up.

On a related note, will this mean CMS schools will be outfitted with fingerprint readers to make sure the person showing up is who they say they are? Just a question.

This is the kind of push one would expect from a partner of  Blueprint NC.  Action NC’s website tells us that the man quoted in the WBTV article is their Charlotte Director. Apparently, he must be a legal citizen since Hector Vaca is  registered to vote and has done so on multiple occasions going back to 2008.

Mapping The Left on Action NC:

Formerly ACORN. According to Capital Research Center, in its publication “Organizations Trends” dated September 2011, Action NC was the front group used by ACORN in North Carolina. In fact the former head organizer for NC ACORN, Pat McCoy, is the current Executive Director of Action NC. Community organizing and grassroots mobilization remains the mission of Action NC. Action NC shares an address with the Sierra Club.

Parting Reminder: Ann Clark also sits on the Common Core Review Commission. She’s pro-Common Core. With that support for standards parents are rejecting in droves, plus this latest move, perhaps it is a good thing she won’t be seeking re-election.

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