Charlotte Officials Push To Let Anyone Pee Where They Want

The city officials for Charlotte are treading on some creepy ground.  Last night, while everyone was paying attention to the Iowa Caucuses, Charlotte’s Mayor hosted a “non-discrimination forum”.

What was the forum really about?

Changing public policy in Charlotte to let those who “self-identify” as whatever gender be allowed pee in whatever facilities they want to.

By discrimination, they mean people self-identifying as the opp. sex upset they can’t pee bathroom of their choice. I am not over-simplifying this.

What this ordinance change would allow for is one to decide where one pees or changes –  in public facilities.

TransBathroomIt’s saying that a girl who at any given time decides, ‘hey, today I think I’m a guy’.  Or the reverse, a guy decides that today, in my head, ‘I believe I am a girl’ can pick the facilities of their choice.

This is a substitution of the reality of one’s biological sex for that of what any given person at any given time thinks their sex is in their head. 

New Mayor In The Hot Seat
The newly elected Charlotte Mayor actually ran on this idea, yet has softened her tone when asked by media about it. She’s actually promoting a policy that benefits less than 1% of the population.

Well, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg)  isn’t having any of this nonsense. He’s penned a letter firing back at Mayor Jen Roberts and the Council.

In the 4 page letter, Bishop emphasizes that the city officials are overstepping their authority, citing numerous examples, all of which are backed up with legal citations.

Right up front, Bishop’s letter hits hard, reminding the council how long the current policy has been in place and that North Carolina cities have powers granted to them by the State of North Carolina, and the legislature has never delegated to any city, including Charlotte, the power to ‘create its own special classes of citizens.

Read the whole thing.

EqualityNC was of course on hand at the Charlotte meeting. This was their biggest talking point:

One can dismantle that argument in a single sentence: And sexual organs haven’t changed since then.

Your Child Will Be Made To Care

The U.S. Dept. of Ed has been engaged in lawfare in many states, using Title IX to force school districts to change their facilities policies to accommodate students who ‘self-identify’ as transgender.

I’ve been covering this situation with the U.S. Dept. of Ed over at Civitas:

This issue is not going away. From the looks of it, the legislature is going to have to step in.

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