‘Just a Teacher’ Omar Currie is Back – #NCed #ParentalRights

‘Just a Teacher’ Omar Currie is Back… and you can see ‘The King’ polish his already enormous ego for the paltry fee of just $35.

Currie, THE KING… So proud holding the ‘Gay Fable’ he read to 8 year-olds in his class without their parents knowing. Click image for more.


The event is being held at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill.  Do the parents with students at that school know this?

Via PR Outlet, EducationNC:

LGBTQ Education Conference for Teachers and Support Staff

November 21 @ 8:00 am4:00 pm

| $35.00

Safe Schools NC, a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a safe and positive learning environment for all students and educators in North Carolina, will host its inaugural “LGBTQ Education Conference for Teachers and Support Staff” on Saturday, November 21 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at Smith Middle School, 9201 Seawell School Rd, Chapel Hill, N.C. 

092615 FB NC SAFE SCHOOLS  - Omar Currie the King

Modest Omar Dressed up as A King for SafeSchools NC Pride! 2015. Get it, “King and King”… the gay fable?

The conference agenda includes a keynote address from Omar Currie, former Efland-Cheek Elementary School teacher; a panel discussion featuring LGBTQ high-school students, and three 90-minute self-selected sessions. 



The sessions will cover topics such as LGBTQ 101, how to support transgender and gender nonconforming students, how to start a GSA, bullying intervention, and age-appropriate LGBTQ-themed classroom resources.  

All school employees and educators are welcome and encouraged to attend, including teachers, teacher assistants, administrators and other school leaders, guidance counselors, social workers, psychologists, district leaders, school board members, parents, community members, and more. 

“Inaugural conference”. Mmhhmm.

SafeSchools NC apparently want school employees and educators to dish out $35 for something that Currie has proven he knows nothing about — ‘age-appropriate’ classroom resources.

Frankly, I wouldn’t spend $35 to heckle him.

Unfamiliar with Mr. Currie?
He’s the ‘teacher’  who took it upon himself to read a ‘gay fable’ to a bunch of 8 year-olds without their parents permission.

2015 Board of Safe Schools NC - Including Omar Currie and Meg Goodhand.

2015 Board of Safe Schools NC – Including Omar Currie and Meg Goodhand.

Currie claims he read it in order to combat a very altered story of an alleged incidence of ‘bullying‘.

That’s a load of crap. It’s become clear once all the pieces were put into place that  this was an orchestrated event with the help of Currie’s LGBT activist friend who was also the Assistant Principal at Efland Cheeks elementary — Meg Goodhand.

Bottom line, this ‘teacher’ violated the rights of parents and discussed a sexually charged topic with a group of little 8 year-old kids in his charge.

Whatever your feelings on homosexuality, this was not appropriate reading for the age group and the act was made even more egregious by not even bothering to contact any of the parents beforehand.

You are not the parent of these kids, Mr. Currie.

See the full coverage, in order of appearance here at LL1885:

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