CMS Teachers Upset Commissioners Want New Term Length – #cms #nced

According to the Charlotte Observer, teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (CMS) are mad the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners want to increase their term limit.  The board wants to change their term limit from 2 years to 4 years.

Before we proceed, note the photo caption accompanying the article:

“CMAE president Erlene Lyde talks to the press about the current state of education in North Carolina schools during an education rally organized by the nonprofit Aim Higher Now on June 14, 2015.”

It’s a farce to continue calling this ‘non-profit’  Aim Higher Now. But we know NC media doesn’t know how to Google. Aim Higher is just Progress NC using teachers like sock puppets for political reasons.

While this Commissioner board term limit change is arguably worth protesting, it’s not the real reason.  To borrow from Mr. Alinsky, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.

Here’s why the change in term limit is upsetting.

“Lyde feels the board has failed to make strides to retain teachers because it hasn’t raised the local supplement to teacher pay. She pointed to Wake County’s commissioners, who last week approved a $16 million supplement to fund teacher salary boost. 

Charlotte Observer 10/27/15

Note the subtle language shift there: Retain.
No longer are protesters outright saying teachers are leaving over pay – because the numbers prove they’re not –  it’s now about ‘retention’.

Retention, in this sense, has the meaning of staying in the same school for multiple years.

So What Is The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Supplement?
CMS has the second highest supplement in the state at an average of $6,632 and 10,073 teachers took that supplement.

Lyde  mentions Wake County, but the Wake School Board’s pay increase is problematic. Arguably, what Wake’s board did was perpetuate a falsehood at a time when they need good press because they are being hit on all sides with bad press.

Two quick points –

  • Under 1% make less than 40k in Wake county.
  • The average teacher in Wake makes 50k +15k benefits + $5,994 in ave. supplement.

That total compensation is over $70k and well above the $56k national average Wake claimed it wants to raise pay to. Even if you drop the benefits package off that total, you’re still looking at hitting right at the national average.

The Charlotte Observer article also makes this claim:

“County commissioners supplement teacher pay to keep salaries competitive with other school districts. That supplement has gone unchanged for several years.”

Without knowing the formula or seeing the CMS budget line items, it’s hard to know if that claim is actually true.

However, according to the statistical profiles supplied by DPI, the CMS supplement average has fluctuated over time, but mainly has gone up.

2014-15 $6,632
2013-14 $6083
2012-13 $6,376
2011-12 $5,471
2010-11 $5627

One final snippet from the Charlotte Observer article:

CMAE is disappointed with commissioners it endorsed last election, including board Chairman Trevor Fuller and Democratic commissioners Vilma Leake and Ella Scarborough, Lyde said, adding “their actions … don’t say that they’re education-friendly.”

CMAE was for Leake and Scarborough before they were against them.

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