FayObserver Cites Progress NC’s Protest Astroturf Group As ‘Teachers’

Aim Higher Now, the Progress NC astroturf protest outfit, held a protest where about all of 6 people showed up.

FayObserver seems to lump Aim Higher and teachers together.

A small group of teachers, led by Aim Higher Now NC, an initiative to draw attention to education policies in North Carolina, met at Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School on Ramsey Street on Sunday to call out lawmakers. The group sounded off on inadequate pay that’s remained stagnate for most teachers and substandard resources necessary for students to receive quality education.

Small group? I guess that means the 9 people in the photo with the article –not including the kid on the ground.

‘Substandard resources’. I can get behind that part of the complaint.

Inadequate pay? Do they mean re-instituting step pay that was frozen under the Democrats? Increasing beginning teacher salaries?

Luther Nick Jeralds Middle is in Fayetteville in Cumberland County. The average teachers supplement there is $3,569. That’s almost half of what Wake County’s is.

Perhaps Aim Higher should as for the district’s line item spending as a good start instead of attacking the legislature who has no control over how the districts spend their funds.

Aim Higher Progress NC apparently can afford staff with fancy titles who like to make threats.

“We can do better and our students deserve better,” she said. “We can not ask for a change, we must demand it.”

Evan Degnan, digital director for Aim Higher Now NC, said the state’s teachers are unhappy. He urged lawmakers to construct a serious plan to raise teacher salaries, as well as increase per-student funding.

“If current leaders can’t do that, you might see some new faces in Raleigh.”

Of note, Tamika Kelly, one of the ‘teachers’ mentioned in this FayObserver article has also protested alongside Moral Monday. Both Progress NC and Moral Monday track back to BlueprintNC, the non-profit created to assault any and all Republicans holding office in the state of North Carolina.

Both Tamika Kelly and Pattie Griffin are affiliated with the Cumberland county NCAE. Why are these two women then associating with the politically questionable Aim Higher Now? Is the NCAE that ineffective they have to look elsewhere for advocacy?

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