For the LULZ… Founding Member of Hope Street Group Attempts Trolling. Fails.

One has to laugh when a founding member of an alleged ‘education non-profit’ attempts to troll someone for exposing them as Bill Gates backed Common Core shills.

Get ready to laugh because that’s what’s happened.

So much for civil conversation with Common Core supporters

Right now, my readers as asking WTF is Dmitri Mehlhorn?

Well, Dmitri is a founding member of Hope Street Group.  In case you missed it, here are the first two articles I wrote about Hope Street Group and of which Mehlhorn clearly didn’t really read.

  1. Another House In the Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group
  2. Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group – Money and History

So, Mehlhorn is a “Democratic donor, activist, and seed investor” among a long list of things related to screwing up education.  So long as he can make money off our kids, all is well, right Mr. Mehlhorn? But it’s for the children though right?

Mehlhorn took some time out of his oh-so busy schedule to attempt a troll column, titled Hilarity on The Fringe.   Gee, you mad bro?

Clearly, he thinks he’s hilarious — because hilarity, it’s right in the title, guys!

Petrilli GadflySo much for civility, eh? Use facts, get labeled “fringe”.

What a wild world we live in these days where educrats and money men resort to mocking people on the internet as their primary line of self-defense.

What evidence based arguments they make! Truly compelling stuff.. or something.

Yeah…. no. You’re doing it wrong.

You know what your blog post tells me, Mr. Mehlhorn?

Everyone but you was (and still is) doing it right.
Your own blog post admits that you’re being picked apart by people on the Left and Right, even though you’re spinning it as you engaging them.

I think my favorite part was according to Mehlhorn, I am a “self-proclaimed Glenn Beck HEHconservative ”.  Err… what is that, exactly?

I bet poor Mehlhorn thinks that because I participated in Glenn Beck’s live Common Core event last year, that somehow I’m some sort of acolyte of Beck’s?  Now I get it! I gotta admit, now that is hilarious.

Keep your day job, Mr. Mehlhorn. Trolling clearly isn’t in your wheelhouse. There will be no cuing of “SCARY MUSIC” here, just some golf claps… because that’s how you do it.

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