ICYMI – #WCPSS Board Attacks Parents Speaking Out On #CommonCore

Your tax dollars, paying for attacks on Wake county parents who dared to advocate for their children.

See my Storify article:  #WCPSS Board Attacks Parents Speaking Out On #CommonCore

UPDATE: News and Observer has an article up now. The arrogance and ignorance of these board members is on full display.

The exchanges below made me bang my head on my desk.  Arm-chair quarterbacking the lives of the families in your district must be really fun.

Government here to help common core

Let’s break it down.

“Do we have any sense as to how that’s going?” school board member Jim Martin asked Tuesday about what the commission is hearing. “The report I heard on the news this morning was a mother saying that last year my daughter was outstanding in math and this year she’s failing.”

“Like that’s Common Core’s fault,” interjected school board Vice Chairman Tom Benton.

The first mistake there, Jim, was listening to the report on the news. They have never gotten it right on Common Core.   And Tom, yes, it is Common Core’s fault… don’t strain yourself trying to protect a line item standards from a living, breathing mom in your school district.

“And it’s Common Core’s fault, yeah,” continued Martin, a N.C. State chemistry professor. “I get that with freshmen. I was great at high school chemistry and I come to your class and I’m failing.

“Well in my class you actually have to understand and relate things and I don’t give you the study guides that say here if you memorize all these things you’re done.

“So I guess my concern is where is that kind of anecdotal, no educational data stuff going? Is it having an impact in the hearing or are we actually going to get some sound educational analysis?”

Since Martin couldn’t be bothered to find out what the forum was about, I’ll tell him. The ASRC requested that parents come and speak to them about how Common Core has impacted their child. That would mean what the board kept referring to as ‘anecdotes’.  You know, stuff we’ve seen with our own two eyes?

By the way, where is YOUR educational data and analysis? Isn’t that your job to know this

Since you seem to believe that we parents sit around pulling together spreadsheets of non-existent Common Core data all day, the Wake board should should show us their analytic data on how Common Core is working. Just like they are showing the public the goal list set for Superintendent Merrill… Oh wait, that’s right. The board is refusing to share that.

Crowder responded that the commission is charged with getting feedback from parents and other stakeholders who have a perspective on Common Core.

“That’s a perspective on something other than the curriculum,” Martin replied.

Mr. Martin, it’s a set of standards, not a curriculum. However, the curriculum is dictated by the standards.  It’s a perspective on Common Core’s IMPACT ON OUR KIDS.  We see it every day, you don’t. This is a rehash from last year when the Wake Board again showed how clueless they were.

Ya’ll are doing a stellar job. What,  with fights breaking out on Wake campuses being recorded and thrown all over Twitter, angry parents protesting you over student assignment and school buses that still aren’t running on time –and that’s just in the last month.  

But please, go ahead and attack parents for standing up for their children on a topic that, clearly, none of you know a thing about.


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8 Responses to ICYMI – #WCPSS Board Attacks Parents Speaking Out On #CommonCore

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  6. brackenkaren says:

    I really believe parents are missing the mark. Instead of begging on your knees why don’t you all stand up, take your kids out of the public school system in HUGE numbers. Believe me in 2 weeks the school will be begging you and will do whatever it takes to get your kids back in the classroom. They lose money when butts are not in the seats. Maybe you need to set up a joint meeting….you show me your facts and I’ll show you mine. My guess they won’t have much. Again, with people like these you can beg until the cows come home the only thing they understand is $$$$$. It is $$$$ that got them in this mess and now parents are going to have to threaten the $$$$ to get our kids out of it. The time for playing nice is OVER.


    • A.P. Dillon says:

      I don’t disagree, but the bigger point here is these are our elected officials whose salaries are paid with our tax dollars. They need to be held accountable or nothing changes.


    • I think that is what has to happen, with a very large number of kids. Common core is harming children all over the country but not enough parents know what to do to stop it.


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