What They’re Saying About Education In NC – (10/16/15) #NCED

NCED IconSome quick hits in education news from around the state of North Carolina… and Beyond.

#1 – June Atkinson Will Run For Re-Election
Atkinson is running again to maintain her reign as the longest-serving state educrat in the country.

What’s that phrase about politicians and diapers? They stink for the same reason and should be changed often?  Yeah.

From the WNCN article:

“When I was first elected state superintendent, the graduation rate in our state was just 68 percent, but it has increased to an all-time high of 86 percent over the past 10 years,” said Atkinson. “I’m proud of the tremendous progress that we’ve made, but there is still work to do.

Really? No mention of how the graduation requirements have been watered down under her tenure?
No questioning of this graduation rate in relation to the UNC Paper Class scandal? A scandal where students were found to be reading around a 5th grade level and that happened under her looooong tenure?

Nope. No such questions from our lazy drive-by media.

I say: Bring it.

The moms fed up with Common Core are ready.
Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

#2 – NC Enters Year 4 of Common Core and Reading Retention for 3rd Graders Increases Statewide

#3 – More Teacher Turnover Report Drama using Common Core math?

#4 – Common Core Aligned: “The Battle Over Gun Control”
Related: ‘Interrupting Whiteness’: National Education Conference to Blame White Teachers and Students for School Woes

#5 – Comments on Superintendent Ann Clark could lead to CMS board confrontation 
Related: Earlier story from September on CMS/Clark pushback; includes Colette Forest.
#6 – Best schools in NC
Of note from the article, 18 from NC rated Gold, Just over a 1/4 of which are charters.

#7 – National Groups Unite In Letter Opposing ESEA Reauthorization


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