Teacher Turnover For the Math Challenged

Folks seem to be doing a lot of Common Core math on Twitter lately. Even when one corrects that math, the fact remains that teachers leaving the state are a fraction of the turnover report and an even smaller fraction of the teaching population overall.

For example:

2013-14’s report listed 96,010 total teachers.  
734 left the state, which works out to 0.76% of that 96,010.  
Of the 13,557 teacher applicable to the turnover report, that 734 equates to 5.41% of the report’s total, which was 14.12%.

Turnover can vary widely, but some North Carolina districts and LEA’s seem to have sustained levels over long periods of time.  Turnover is also cyclical, not just in North Carolina but in all states.  Retirement requirements/age and economy factors often play a large role.

The DPI Turnover report does not include incoming teachers for comparison.

The data in the chart below does and covers 2009-2015.

The comparisons are between the number of teachers self-reporting that they left the state to teach elsewhere versus the number of licenses issued to out of state teachers. Data for 2014-15 was not available but I am attempting to procure it.

For the math challenged, the chart shows how many teachers left NC and how many came to NC.

What you see in the last column is the difference between the two. Every year on that list, North Carolina imported more than we exported. Period.

Year Left for Diff State Licenses Issued /Out of State Teachers Actual Teacher Gain/Loss
2014-15 1028 TBD TBD
2013-14 734 1,985 1,251
2012-13 455 2,177 1,722
2011-12 341 1,783 1,442
2010-11 312 1,375 1,063
2009-10 352 1,180 828

Now, since flashing pretty charts seems to mean that one ‘knows what one is talking about’ on Twitter, here are some of my own:


I have all the statistical figures from the DPI Turnover reports going back 17 years.
Anyone who wants to look at them, feel free to email me: TheLL1885@gmail.com

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  3. Mike says:

    Love this. What data do you have on pay. I can just here the argument now, – “But we are exporting all of our experience and tenured teachers. We get all the inexperience, new, blah blah blah teachers”

    I’m sure this is not the case but knew you prob would know the numbers if there out there.


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