Occupy Monday Sit-In Arrestees Not Allowed Back

The 14 people arrested at the first Occupy Monday at the NC General Assembly are not going to be allowed back into the legislature building until after July 11th.  The press and the NC NAACP keep calling this group the “Tillis 15”, but only 14 were arrested. Is Barber is counting himself as the 15th or is he doing Common Core math?

According to documents held by Wake County Clerk of Superior Court, the 15  fast food workers and pastors who were arrested for nonviolent civil disobedience in Thom Tillis’s office earlier this week are not allowed back at the General Assembly until July 11th, after Moral Monday is over.

Rev. Barber and the NAACP held a press conference this morning
where those now being referred to as the “Tillis 15” shared stories of why they had engaged in the direct action.

Rev. C. Anthony Jones Jr., of United Methodist Church in Winston Salem,felt compelled to engage in his first act of civil disobedience because, he said, “I could literally hear the bones and blood of my forebrothers and foresisters, the call of my ancestors lost in the Atlantic slave trade.”

Indyweek  5/30/14

It would seem Rev. Jones has a natural flair for the dramatic. I wonder if those forebrothers and foresisters would have brought a sleeping bag and ordered pizza? Right.

Occupy Monday Starring Rev Barber

Read the recap of last week’s occupy event here.

Carolina Plott Hound uncovered that among the arrested, there were two with prior convictions. “Minister” Rubye Harris with “Assault (2012), larceny, credit card fraud“, and Tyrek Pierce with “Robbery, larceny, false imprisonment“.  So far, no media outlet has reported that tidbit.

The arrestees list:

  • Rev. Julie Peeples
  • Minister Rubye Harris
  • Meyshon Payton
  • Jesseia Jackson
  • Crystal Price
  • Randolph Perry
  • Norma Clark
  • Norman Clark
  • Jason McCullen
  • Tyrek Pierce
  • Rev. Dick Weston Jones
  • Stella Adams
  • Fay Daniel
  • Rev. C. Anthony Jones

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