Occupy Monday 5/27/14 Edition

*Article updates at the bottom.

Occupy Monday came back today after the Memorial Day holiday got in the way of their theater performance. They even brought a tent.
#BigTentMovement? How about #BigTopCircusMoment?

My eyes on the ground tell me about 150 -200 people showed up. The estimate was only about 1/3 actually went inside. Here’s video of the dramatic pleas to put our state deeper into debt to and under the boot of the federal government:

They’ve been arrested. They’ve chanted. They’ve banged pots and pans. Now they’re trying a sit-in. I think what transpired here today tests the boundries of disrupting business being conducted. Theatrics abound below:




UPDATES 5/28/14:  Arrests of 14 Occupiers ensued this morning. Here’s an excerpt from ABC11, but scroll down this link to see the mugshots of the arrested. Reverend Barber was not arrested with his pawns flock.

After nearly 11 hours of sitting, waiting for a lawmaker who never arrived, 14 legislative protesters were arrested at North Carolina House of Representatives Speaker Thom Tillis’ office early Wednesday morning.

The group is a part of the NAACP-led weekly “Moral Monday” demonstrations and were removed from Tillis’ office, handcuffed with plastic zip-ties and led out of the building one-by-one, escorted by General Assembly police. All 14 would be charged with 2nd degree trespassing and violation of building rules, General Assembly Lieutenant Martin Brock said.

Police asked the group to leave Tillis’ office eight times and warned them they would be arrested throughout the night. They refused to leave.

Police cleared out the sit-in, which originally had 15 participants, nearly five hours after the Legislative Building closed. New building rules state that the building closes 30 minutes after the last legislative meeting, which was 9pm Tuesday.

The names are below of those arrested via WNCN, which also has rather amusing video of one of the protesters, “Minister Rubye Harris” who was demanding “change” but never articulated what needed the “change”.

UPDATE: Carolina Plott Hound has discovered that “Minister Rubye Harris has a record. PAST CONVICTIONS: Assault (2012), larceny, credit card fraud…
So does TYREK PIERCE: Robbery, larceny, false imprisonment…

  • Rev. Julie Peeples
  • Minister Rubye Harris
  • Meyshon Payton
  • Jesseia Jackson
  • Crystal Price
  • Randolph Perry
  • Norma Clark
  • Norman Clark
  • Jason McCullen
  • Tyrek Pierce
  • Rev. Dick Weston Jones
  • Stella Adams
  • Fay Daniel
  • Rev. C. Anthony Jones

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