James Everett Dutschke Changes Plea…AGAIN

In the category of you just can’t make this stuff up, James Dutschke has once again made headlines in Mississippi.  During what was to be his sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to sending ricin to the President, “Mr. Dutschke began proclaiming his innocence and that the wrong man is being prosecuted,” according to WTVA.

The hearing took an even stranger turn when Dutschke was allowed to speak before U. S. District Court Judge Sharon Aycock was to pass down his sentence.

According to the Associated Press, Dutschke during a 30-minute speech accused the government of lying and stated that there was no ricin found and no DNA link to the mask found during a search conducted at Dutschke’s martial arts studio back in April of 2013.  He went on to claim that the substance found was not poison and referred accusations back to Paul Kevin Curtis, the “original alleged suspect” in the case.

Judge Aycock called a recess so Mr. Dutschke may consult with his attorney, Ken Coghlan, regarding the change of plea stating that a motion for withdrawing must be filed. Aycock told Dutschke:

“Your filing the motion to withdraw does not necessarily mean the court will grant it,”  “I do want you to understand that your withdrawal is in the discretion of the court.”

After the recess things went from strange to quite bizarre    From the Clarion Ledger:

Dutschke recanted his guilty plea and launched into a “rant” against Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator he attempted to frame for the letters, comparing him to a Barney the Dinosaur impersonator. Then Dutschke compared himself to an Olympic gymnast….  He claimed Curtis is the actual ricin mailer, and that Dutschke’s arrest is the result of a government conspiracy. He argued that FBI agents and federal prosecutors committed perjury.

In an attempt to sway the court into believing him regarding the alleged “ricin” Dutschke went on to state:

“I will dump the contents of the two remaining letters on a peanut and butter sandwich and eat it and wash it down with a glass of chocolate milk,”

For a great timeline of events that took place during the sentencing hearing please click here for the Djournal.

If anyone thought the strange case of James Everett Dutschke, Paul Kevin Curtis, and a twisted plot of revenge couldn’t get anymore stranger….they have just been proven wrong.  This new turn of events will now have the possibility of a trial complete with witnesses and a jury if Dutschke’s motion is accepted.

Updates to this ever-changing saga will follow.

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