Bully Barber On The Move Again – Missouri

Reverend Barber is on the move again trying to spread this Occupy Monday campaign. This time he’s jetted off from the land of Unions to different pastures. Barber’s special brand of race baiting is coming to Missouri:

The rejection of power and privilege

The piece begins like this:

The sound of pain is hard to endure. It gets worse when you’re standing in privilege.

There’s something about conceding that your life is made better because of gifts handed down.  It’s not that you are more gifted or smarter than the rest.  You simply have more stuff to begin with.  Sometimes that stuff is not the type placed in a bank account.

Stuff can be race or gender.  Sometimes it’s heterosexual or Christian privilege.  As much as we hate to admit it, our lives are shaped by how others perceive us more than the gifts we bring to the party.  Too many of us weren’t invited to the party because our personal appearance failed to fit the invite requirements.

But, this isn’t the prelude to a pity party.  It’s a celebration of a brewing trend that is capturing the hearts of people of privilege.  More and more, people are less content with holding their privilege as a reward for being lucky enough to be born on that side of the tracks.  They’re getting it.  Something is not right.  We can no longer deny the God given dignity of people born with a wooden, rather than silver spoon, in their mouth.


Privilege = code for rich white people.

Christian Privilege = a shot at the religious Right.

Shorter: You better start feeling guilty by all of this and start supporting us, you racists.

Further down, he gets to the point — which is always “LOOK AT ME” from Rev. Barber:

Back to this new stuff.  A new movement led by people willing to reject the advantages of their privilege has taken center stage.  It’s what happened in North Carolina with the Moral Monday movement.  Rev. William Barber, North Carolina NAACP President, has led a coalition of grassroots folks in recasting the terms of discourse regarding public policy.

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