Occupy Monday: Laugh Or Cry?

Laugh or cry?  Via News & Observer:

All that was missing was a drum circle.

From the article:

RALEIGH, N.C. — A caravan of civil rights activists from Alabama stopped in North Carolina’s capital to bring attention to efforts to restore portions of the Voting Rights Act to more Southern states.

Nearly 200 people from North Carolina’s Moral Monday campaign and the Alabama-based Saving OurSelves Movement for Justice and Democracy gathered Tuesday outside the old Capitol building in Raleigh. The Alabama group is making its way to Washington, D.C., where they’ll rally Wednesday for the law’s restoration.

Nearly 200 people?  Maybe from Alabama. Color me skeptical.

WRAL has the exact same story.

ABC-11 has a more balanced, but also short, story that includes another viewpoint:

N.C. GOP spokesman Daniel Keylin released this statement about the event:

“William Barber, the de-facto leader of the North Carolina Democrat Party, is once again holding a partisan political rally to promote his out-of-touch, far-left views.

“North Carolina’s voter ID law is a commonsense measure that protects the integrity of the ballot box. Polls show that a huge majority of North Carolinians support voter ID, and similar laws are already in place in 33 other states.” 

I said just a day ago voter ID was a non-starter. By the way, the ABC-11 has video. Not really seeing where N&O and WRAL got 200 people from.


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  1. geek49203 says:

    If journalists wanted to struggle with advanced math — ie, counting, percentage rates, etc — do you think they would’ve majored in “Communications” in college?


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