NCAE Chooses Union Organizer As New Director

The North Carolina Association of Educators already acts like a union, even if it isn’t officially one. Now they have an Executive Director to reinforce that image. Welcome Rachelle Johnson from Ohio.

The N&O article with the announcement of this addition is behind their pay wall is short and N&O only mentioned she worked for the Ohio Education Association. Johnson is, of course, friendly with the NEA a part of her work at OEA. Here is Johnson canvasing for the NEA in 2011. The N&O also didn’t mention Ms. Johnson’s large compensation figures.

I wonder if the NCAE is topping the over $164k salary she made there in 2011 or the bump to $166,814 she got in 2012. One can also verify that last number at UnionFacts.Com, along with her salary history.  I’m sure teachers in NC can pony up more money in dues to pay for a real Union Organizer from outside of our state right?

That’s just what parents want to see, the ineffective NCAE siphoning more money out of our teachers pockets in order to fund increasingly vitriolic and politically motivated campaigns in our schools.

By the way, the NCAE still has not responded to my question on whether or not they hired Stephanie Bass, of Blueprint NC — the outfit who disseminated an attack memo calling for the crippling, slamming, and eviscerating of state officials and the Governor.


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  1. geek49203 says:

    I moved from a strong teachers union state (Michigan).
    Certainly the provided a seemingly infinite pool of “useful idiots” to Dem causes.


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